Do i need to wear a bra after the breast lift

Do i need to wear a bra after the breast lift

17th Feb 2019

Women undergoing breast lift notice that after the procedure, their breasts are perkier and with a nice consistency and shape, just like they were when they were younger. It is only natural for patients who benefited from the procedure to want to show off their breasts and enjoy them as much as possible. Hence most of them ask if they really need to wear a bra after a breast lift.

Many women end up wearing a bra because the appearance of the breasts is not very pleasant and because when the breasts start sagging, they need the support that a bra can offer. But why do we still need to use a bra when the breasts are high and perky? Why not just go braless?

Well, there are a few reasons why I don’t recommend my patients to go completely braless after the breast lift s. Before anything else, you should know that after the procedure, a post-operative bra needs to be worn non-stop for a few weeks until the incisions heal and for a few more months only during the day. The newly operated breasts need support and also a certain level of compression that promotes fast healing and reduces the swelling that can naturally occur after the procedure. Wearing a sports bra or the special post-op bra is mandatory after the breast lift and can impact the aesthetic results you achieve after the procedure. Not wearing the bra can damage the results even before they become permanent, so keep this in mind when you are tempted to go braless shortly after the procedure.

Now let’s discuss what will happen if the patient gives up on wearing a bra months after the procedure. The temptation can be considerable, but you need to remember that your breasts need support, even if they are perky and beautiful now. Often, breast ptosis occurs exactly because the patient didn’t wear the right type and size of bra or failed to wear a special supportive bra when exercising. Leaving the breasts without any support for extended periods of time or while performing intense physical activities can trigger breast ptosis once again, even after q breast lift.

The bra to be worn should be chosen depending on the size of the breasts and your physiognomy. It is important to wear a bra that will give you support for the breasts without putting a dent on your shoulders or create any other discomforts.

So for patients asking if they need to wear a bra after the breast lift, the answer is often yes, especially if they had a mastopexy with implants inserted. Keep in mind that the bigger the breasts, the more the chances that breast ptosis will occur again, especially if the patient is quite young. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go braless at all; just make sure that your breasts don’t go without support for longer periods of time.

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