Do i want more fat on my buttocks and hips?

Do i want more fat on my buttocks and hips?

17th May 2018

Women are bound to ask this question to significant other: “do these jeans make my buttock look big?” Before, if the answer were yes, this would start a fight. Nowadays, things are more different because women from all over the world want bigger, rounder, firmer buttocks.

So if you had asked the same question years ago, the safe answer might have been no. For some people, it may still hold true if they dislike the idea of having a big derriere. However, there are no many women who think that the bigger the buttocks, the more attractive it is to look at. The great thing is there are surgical procedures that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

More fat on your buttocks and hips mean it ma be necessary to reshape the buttock region to give it a better contour. When it comes to buttock augmentation and the hourglass figure, having fat is considered a great thing because we can work with it to accentuate the curves. This will be extracted from areas that need to look smaller, such as the waist and abdomen, in order to give you the complete hourglass shape.

Fat transfer to the buttocks procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to change the structure and resize the butt cheeks to achieve a result that is both aesthetically pleasing and natural looking.

The buttock area is very complex because it cannot be easily modified through simple methods like dieting or exercising. People who want to improve the shape and size of the buttocks will need to consider plastic surgery. It is important however to emphasize that it should be performed by a plastic surgeon who is experienced in performing these types of interventions.

The procedure can be performed with silicone implants or fat transfer. In many cases, the plastic surgeon will decide to use both methods for the buttock augmentation in order to achieve the desired results. The implants are required mainly for patients who do not have enough fat deposits in the donor areas. The plastic surgeon will first insert the gluteal implants, then fine tune the shape with fat transfer.

The results of buttock augmentation with fat transfer have been comparable in most cases with the procedures using silicone implants. The part of the butt cheeks that has been injected with fat looks more natural and does not look fake at all. The fat transfer must of course be performed by a talented and experienced plastic surgeon in order to achieve impressive results.

The final result would be visible after approximately two months from the surgery as this is when the recovery period is complete.

Fat transfer to the hips

We have many patients who came to us after they underwent plastic surgery with different doctors and were unhappy with the results. In some cases, we have patients that went for the tummy tuck surgery hoping that their middle area will be reconstructed and reshaped entirely to look like the hourglass shape. Instead, what they got after the surgery was a Sponge Bob figure – rectangular and not at all sexy. Thus, they were displeased with the results, and they wanted a solution to their problem.

The main problem with the traditional tummy tuck is that it does not work on the flanks, the buttock area or anywhere else aside from the abdomen. If the patient wants a reshaping of the whole middle and back area, tummy tuck is not the answer. This is why I always recommend the hourglass tummy tuck to be performed, a technique I created and developed. During the hourglass tummy tuck, I will also perform liposuction on the flanks and inject fat to the hips to enhance the curves and contour of the patient’s body. The results are, in most cases, absolutely stunning.

So if you are wondering why you would want fat on your hips, the reason is that the fat is useful for reshaping your contour, thereby achieving the perfect hourglass body shape.

Just like with the hourglass tummy tuck, I also perform the hourglass buttock augmentation. What causes the hourglass buttock augmentation to differ from the traditional buttock augmentation is that I also add more volume to the hips so they would look fuller and more appealing. It is undeniable that women with voluptuous curves will always be sexier than those without them.

The only problem with having fat transferred to your buttocks or hips is that you will need to change your wardrobe after the surgery. Your pants and jeans definitely won’t fit your new buttocks. Now that you have attained the figure of your dreams, you can buy plenty of new clothes to emphasize and accentuate your newly developed curves. It will surely boost your self-esteem.


Having significant fat deposits on your body is not as bad as you might have thought, especially if you are considering plastic surgery. By using the stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diets and workouts, we can completely change the shape of your body, create curves, and ultimately enhance the appearance of your buttocks and hips.

Since wide hips and a round, full derriere with a nice projection has always been a sign of feminity, more women are considering plastic surgery. When you combine all these with a small waist and a generous bust, you will have the perfect hourglass figure. If your dream is to improve the appearance of your body as a whole and get as proportionate as possible, you should consult a plastic surgeon who is capable of performing more than just one type of surgical intervention. A complete makeover such as this requires more than just the traditional methods of plastic surgery.

In most cases, the patient needs more than the traditional, textbook buttock augmentation or tummy tuck. They need a total reshaping and recreating of their curves. The surgeon will be required to adjust certain procedures in order to help the patient achieve their aesthetic goals. Because of this, only the most experienced surgeons can successfully achieve this.

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