Does breast implant removal require mastopexy?

Does breast implant removal require mastopexy?

24th Nov 2017

The use of breast implants is one of the safest and most effective ways to increase the size of your breasts. The use of implants can make your breasts appear fuller, voluminous, and shapely. However, there are times when you will be required to remove the implants. When a severe infection or capsular contracture occurs, your surgeon may recommend you to remove and replace the implants.

A breast implant removal surgery entails a number of side effects, risks, and potential complications. If you choose to remove the implant but not replace it, your breasts will become very loose and saggy.

The silicone breast implant

Silicone breast implants are artificial devices filled with silicone gel. The implants are placed inside the breasts via incisions and can be placed under or above the breast muscle. Most surgeons prefer placing the implant under the breast muscle where it can get maximum tissue coverage. However, if you are someone who is active in sports, the implants will be placed above the breast muscle. Also, the placement of the implant under the breast muscle may become necessary in patients who do not have enough tissue to cover the implants placed above the breast muscle.

There are a number of benefits to silicone breast implants. The techniques used in placing the implants are not as invasive as removing them. After removing them, your breasts will return to their original shape within a couple of months. You should avoid getting excessively large breast implants as they look unnatural and often cause back, neck and shoulder pain.

After the removal of a large breast implant, the breasts will become very saggy and loose. This happens as a result of the breast implant stretching and damaging the ligaments and skin.

In case the implant removal surgery is carried out within a few months of undergoing the first breast augmentation surgery, the breasts may return to their normal shape, devoid of much sagging. However, if your breasts were saggy before the original implant surgery and the condition was not treated during the procedure, you will get even more looseness in your breasts after the procedure. Your plastic surgeon may recommend you a breast lifting procedure, also called a mastopexy.

The breast lift surgery

A breast lift or mastopexy is a plastic surgery procedure that is at times used in combination with breast implant removal surgery. If the procedure is not performed alongside an implant removal procedure, it can be performed afterwards. The surgery is effective when it comes to fixing breast ptosis (sagging) of different intensities. The procedure can sculpt your breasts to their pre-surgery size and shape. While breast lifting is not always used during or after breast removal, it is still needed in some cases.

Mastopexy lifts the breasts, making them tauter and firmer. Undergoing mastopexy depends on your skin elasticity, breast implant size and position. If your implant is bigger and you are planning to remove them, a breast lift surgery will help restore your breasts’ pre-surgery aesthetics after removal of the breast implants.

Breast implant removal

There are a number of reasons why patients seek breast implant removal surgery. If you have an implant that does not suit your overall figure, if your implant is too large, or if it is making your breasts appear asymmetrical, a breast implant removal may become necessary to treat the condition. There are dozens of aesthetic reasons that compel patients to get their breast implants removed and replaced with newer ones. There are also many patients who undergo breast implant removal surgery to change the position of their implants.

Severe infection, capsular contracture, calcification, and implant rupture are some of the medical complications that can occur after getting breast implants. These complications may necessitate the use of breast implant removal surgery.


Majority of patients who want to remove their implant also seek a breast lifting procedure. It is important for patients to understand that the requirements differ from one patient to another. For some patients, a breast lift along with a breast implant removal surgery may be necessary. Your plastic surgeon will assess your breasts and anatomy to decide whether a breast lift surgery can be suitable for you during or after the breast removal surgery.

Your overall health, skin quality, breast implant size, and position of the breast implant will also determine your qualification for the breast implant procedure. If you have large implants that need to be removed, your surgeon would probably also recommend breast lifting.

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