Does frequent sitting affect bbl results?

Does frequent sitting affect bbl results?

16th Oct 2019



The Brazilian butt lift is the dream procedure for many women who are unhappy with the size, shape and overall appearance of their buttocks and suffer from an excess of adipose tissue in other areas of the body. When the Brazilian butt lift is performed, the patient can enjoy a considerable remodeling of the body as the procedure entails the removal of fat from areas with an excess of it and its reinjection into the buttocks to give a lifting effect and a nicer shape. 

Over the last decade, the BBL has seen a considerable increase in demand that is certainly explained by the spectacular results that can be achieved with the procedure. Moreover, the procedure is completely safe and only uses the patient’s own fat tissue, so there are no implants to worry about. 

However, just like any other plastic surgery procedure, there are questions and concerns that patients have about the BBL. A question we often hear during the pre-operative consultation is whether frequent sitting affects the results of the Brazilian butt lift. 

In this article, we will discuss the different aspects of the BBL procedure and whether frequent sitting affects the results of the procedure. 


Overview of the Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is considered a modern and innovative procedure that can deliver spectacular results affecting the silhouette of the patient on many levels, especially when performed by a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon. The procedure is a 2-in-1: it removes fat from areas where it is unwanted and negatively affecting the body contour and transfers it to the buttocks to give them a nice lifting effect and a better-contoured shape. 

The procedure is recommended for patients with small, saggy or asymmetric buttocks and an excess of adipose tissue in other areas of the body that can be easily targeted with liposuction. This means that to be eligible for this procedure, you need to have surplus fat in areas of the body such as the abdomen and the flanks, the upper and lower back, or the thighs. Having sufficient excess fat in the body is essential for a successful Brazilian butt lift, so you shouldn’t be surprised if the plastic surgeon will recommend you to gain more weight before the procedure. 

During the procedure, the plastic surgeon can remove up to six or seven liters of fat from areas where it is in excess. This fat will then be purified, and it is often no more than 2 liters of fat that can be used for transfer to the buttocks. Also, keep in mind that the recommendation is not to transfer too much fat in one session as otherwise it might die or form granulomas. 

The BBL can take up to three hours or more, depending on the areas that are treated with liposuction and the patient’s overall anatomy. Most plastic surgeons and patients alike will prefer general anesthesia for this procedure. 

After the Brazilian butt lift, the patient can return home within hours after waking up from the effects of the anesthesia, where the recovery process can begin.


Effects of sitting after the BBL

Sitting directly on the buttocks after the Brazilian butt lift is one of the things that the plastic surgeon will want to discuss with you in detail. Here are the effects of sitting after the BBL:


  1.   Immediately after the procedure 

When you are discharged from the medical facility, the plastic surgeon will advise you to lie on your tummy on the ride back home. He will discuss with you the effects of sitting on the buttocks after the BBL even during the pre-operative consultation. 

The plastic surgeon’s instructions are not to sit directly on the buttocks for a minimum of two to three weeks. This is especially important, and it will help you have a smooth recovery, achieve good results, and avoid complications. Sitting on the butt immediately after the Brazilian butt lift can cause asymmetries due to the death of the fat cells that were transferred and even losing the aesthetic results that could have otherwise been achieved. There are patients who complain that they had the Brazilian butt lift but they didn’t have any results as the fat injected disappeared after the procedure. When I see patients like this, I always ask whether they sit on the buttocks or rested on the back for the first two to three weeks after the procedure. Most of them mention that they considered it was too difficult and unnecessary to avoid sitting on the buttocks, so they did. Or they decided to get back to their office jobs before the time frame discussed with the plastic surgeon.

It is important to understand that it takes time for the results of the Brazilian butt lift to become final. To ensure its survival in the buttocks, the fat grafted needs to develop a new blood network, and this won’t happen overnight. This is the reason why the plastic surgeon insists you avoid sitting on the buttocks until this happens. Once a new blood network has been developed, there is no danger to sitting on the buttocks as the fat cells grafted are already behaving as they have always been a part of the buttocks. 

Not being able to sit on the buttocks and rest on the back can be very uncomfortable for some patients. This is why it is important to discuss this aspect with the plastic surgeon even during the initial meeting. The plastic surgeon will tell you that it is safe to rest on the tummy and also the sides of the body for the first three weeks. After this, you can use special pillows and even chairs that have been developed especially for patients undergoing butt enhancement procedures. 


  1.   Long-term after the BBL 

Some patients are concerned about the frequent sitting effects on the buttocks in the long run. Things are rather simple after the first two to three months. The results are final by this time, and the patient can stop worrying about the fat cells disappearing. However, frequent sitting or sitting for long periods of time every day can affect your body, and not only the buttocks.

To sustain the beautiful results achieved with the Brazilian butt lift and also to have a toned and fit body, patients undergoing plastic surgery are advised to keep a balanced and active lifestyle with plenty of physical exercises. 



The Brazilian butt lift can deliver the buttocks of your dreams with minimal risks and the possibility to easily sustain the results for a long time. However, to ensure you enjoy the best results possible, you need to choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and follow his recommendations. 

A common concern for patients interested in undergoing the procedure is whether frequent sitting will affect the results. For the initial period after the procedure, frequent sitting on the buttocks as well as lying on the back can cause the death of the fat cells that were transferred to the butt. The plastic surgeon will strongly advise you to avoid sitting on the butt or lying on the back for a minimum of three weeks after the procedure. This means that if you need to get back to work before this time and you have an office job that entails a lot of sitting, you should discuss this with the plastic surgeon before the procedure. He might advise you to take more time off from work for the recovery period or to get special pillows that will help you avoid the death of the fat cells when sitting down. In the long term, sitting down for longer periods of time every day can affect the results of the Brazilian butt lift as it can affect the rest of your body. Due to the lack of proper exercise, your buttocks might end up looking unappealing again over the next few years. 

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