Does it hurt to sit after a butt augmentation with implants?

Does it hurt to sit after a butt augmentation with implants?

08th Jun 2019


The aesthetics of the buttocks is a complex and delicate topic nowadays. More and more people, both men and women, resort to plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of their rear end or to correct imperfections such as the underdevelopment of the buttocks. Having buttocks that are too small compared to the rest of the patient’s anatomy can trigger complexes and a feeling of dissatisfaction for individuals confronted with the issue. Plastic surgery offers safe and reliable correction methods for this issue.

The procedures performed to increase the size of small buttocks are called buttock augmentations, and they can follow two main surgical plans. First, we have butt augmentation with fat transfer, a procedure that uses the patient’s own fat tissue to be injected into the buttocks to give it more volume. This procedure is suitable for patients with an excess of adipose tissue in other areas of the body that will be referred to as “donor areas.” However, the procedure doesn’t necessarily provide a spectacular increase in the size of the butt, and this is why butt implant surgery is still commonly performed and preferred by many patients, despite being associated with more risks and potential complications.

While butt implant surgery is not new and has been performed for quite a few years now, most patients still have questions about the results and how life will be after undergoing the procedure. A question we often hear during the pre-operative consultation for butt augmentation with implants is if it hurts to sit on the butt after the procedure.

Now, to answer this question, we need to make some things clear. Undergoing any type of plastic surgery that can leave the patient with a permanent discomfort such as pain in the butt each time he sits down should never be an option. Plastic surgery comes to offer relief from the physical and emotional issues associated with physical imperfections and should never create others. So, if the patient feels pain when sitting down months after the procedure, generally it means that something is not right and the procedure was not fully successful. If this is the case, make sure to contact your plastic surgeon for a solution or get a second opinion from an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

At the same time, it is important for patients to understand that there will be a certain level of pain present for the first few days, maybe weeks after the surgery. To avoid unnecessary pain, the recommendation is not to sit on the butt for a minimum of three weeks post-op and even after this time to use a pillow so as not to put too much pressure on the implants. Sitting directly on the butt shortly after the surgery can be painful because you are sitting on an operated area that is still sensitive.


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