Doing whatever it takes to ensure good results after butt augmentation

Doing whatever it takes to ensure good results after butt augmentation

27th Oct 2019


The butt augmentation procedure has seen an incredible rise in demand over the last few years. It seems like we are living under the sign of the big booty and things are not going to change very soon. The fascination most of us have with big buttocks is actually understandable as the buttocks are indeed an important part of both the male and female anatomy and associated with sex appeal.

Undergoing butt augmentation is the only efficient and safe method to get the buttocks of your dreams with minimal complications involved. However, to make sure to make the most out of your procedure and to not end up regretting the decision to undergo surgery, it is important to understand straight from the beginning that it takes a certain level of dedication from the patient during the recovery period.

Considering the fact that patients are advised to avoid sitting on the buttocks or lying on the back for a minimum of three weeks after the surgery, the level of discomfort that can be experienced after the procedure can be quite high. This is the reason why an experienced plastic surgeon will make sure you understand what needs to be done before you go forward with the procedure. Doing whatever it takes to ensure good results after butt augmentation entails the patient to:

–    Stop smoking

Smoking can affect your recovery period whatever type of butt augmentation you had (with implants or fat transfer). Delayed wound healing and fat tissue necrosis are some of the complications that affect smokers in larger numbers than non-smoking patients. Smoking needs to be ceased three weeks before the procedure and at least the same amount of time post-op.

–    Keep a balanced diet with plenty of fibers

Constipation can occur after surgery, but this and also a gassy stomach can be quite uncomfortable after undergoing butt augmentation. Avoid carbonated and caffeinated beverages, as well as refined sugars and deep-fried foods and choose the healthier alternatives packed with fibers. 

–    Wear compression garments

Wearing compression garments after butt augmentation surgery is mandatory if you want to get the best results possible. The buttocks need support and the right amount of compression to get rid of the swelling and promote a fast recovery process. The compression garments need to be worn non-stop for a few weeks and only during the day for a few weeks more.

–    Don’t sleep or sit on the butt

We have already mentioned the importance of avoiding any type of pressure on the buttocks, including the sitting or lying on the butt. After three weeks, patients can start using a special pillow positioned under the hamstring muscle when sitting down to take the pressure off the buttock area. The results can be compromised if patients fail to follow this instruction.


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