Don’t Let Sagging Jowls Bring You Down!

Don’t Let Sagging Jowls Bring You Down!

18th Jul 2014

Apart from the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, the appearance of sagging jowls is one of the most telling signs of physical aging. In some cases, their appearance could also result from massive weight loss as your face is adjusting to its new shape. Although everyone will ultimately succumb to sagging jowls, one can actually take measures to prevent them from happening.

Why delay? Every so often, it pays to slow down the signs of aging as it can significantly affect self-esteem which in turn can have a negative impact on one’s career and interaction with others. 

Here at our Houston facial rejuvenation practice, the following solutions have been proven to reduce the appearance of drooping jowls:


This option is ideal for those who prefer to go the surgical route. Although the results of a facelift are more likely to last than non-surgical alternatives, keep in mind that choosing this surgical approach will require longer recovery period and may cost more than least invasive methods. 

There are various types of facelift techniques out there but all of them operate on the 3 basic elements: removal of extra facial fat, tightening of the facial muscles, and repositioning of the facial skin. If the appearance of jowls is your main concern, Dr. Cortes can design a personalized facelift plan that will specifically target the lower third of your face.


A liposuction may be more ideal for jowls if you have a significant amount of facial fat. Although technically surgical in nature, liposuction in the face is least invasive than the traditional face lift because it only involves a tiny incision behind the ear which typically heals well. In addition, there are advanced types of liposuction that do not require general anesthesia which primarily dictates your length of recovery.

Dermal Fillers

If you’re one of those patients who prefer minimally invasive methods, dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane and Sculptra may be your best bets for reducing the appearance of mild to moderate jowl formation. Fillers that stimulate collagen production and consequently plump up the target areas have been shown to significantly improve the appearance of jowls. 

Allow us to help you erase the years discreetly and truly reveal your natural beauty! Call us at 713.234.6244 or fill out this contact form to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Cortes. We look forward to helping you come up with a meticulously customized plan that is specific for sagging jowls!

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