Dos and don’ts: preparing for butt augmentation surgery

Dos and don’ts: preparing for butt augmentation surgery

24th Oct 2019


Butt augmentation surgery is commonly performed nowadays all over the world. Men and women alike resort to this plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of their butt and get a more impressive projection. The procedure delivers permanent results and the butt implants don’t need to be replaced, not unless complications occur.

To avoid complications and ensure you have a smooth and fast recovery period, there are certain dos and don’ts in preparing for the procedure, such as:


–    Do get enough rest

Counting on the fact that you will spend enough time in bed after the procedure is not something that should keep you from getting enough rest before the procedure. You need to be in top health and emotional condition so you can recover quickly and resume your daily activities as soon as possible. Getting enough rest before the surgery is important for your well-being, so make sure you don’t overdo exercise or stay up all night partying before the procedure is scheduled.


–    Do your shopping well in advance

Yes, you probably took two weeks off from work for the recovery period, but it is very unlikely that you will spend your first few days post-op shopping. An experienced plastic surgeon will advise you to do your shopping well in advance and make sure you have everything you need in the house for at least a few days to a week after the surgery. Include ice packs, healthy food rich in fibers, and plenty of entertainment on your shopping list. Also, make sure you get the prescribed medication and compression garments before undergoing surgery. 


–    Don’t take anti-inflammatory medication

One of the most important don’ts is taking anti-inflammatory medication. Medication containing aspirin should be avoided for at least ten days before the procedure, if not more. Also, there are certain natural supplements that can cause blood thinning, so it is important to avoid taking them as well. Medication that thins the blood can pose a real risk during and after butt augmentation as it can trigger excessive bleeding that can be difficult to deal with. 


–    Don’t take birth control medication

Another complication is blood clot formation that can lead to deep vein thrombosis. This can be a life-threatening complication, so patients are advised to stop taking birth control medication a month before the procedure and also to get off the bed and walk even starting right after surgery. Birth control medication has certain properties that can lead to an increased risk of blood clot formation. Make sure to discuss these instructions in detail with the plastic surgeon even during the pre-operative consultation.


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