The Downside of Traditional Tummy Tuck Procedure

The Downside of Traditional Tummy Tuck Procedure

18th Sep 2017

A tummy tuck procedure is surgically done in order to improve the appearance of the abdomen. This procedure removes the excess skin and fat, which can also tighten the muscle to achieve a flatter abdomen. Tummy tuck procedures can be done in several ways depending on the current condition of the patient.

The traditional tummy tuck or a full tummy tuck is a procedure that not only deals with the removal of skin and fat on the upper and lower areas of the navel, but also the repair or tightening of the rectus muscle. With a tightened muscle and skin, it is easier to achieve a flatter abdomen. With this kind of tummy tuck, the entire abdomen will be improved.

There are still some downsides to the traditional tummy tuck procedure. One of which is the length of time needed for recovery. Since it is an extensive procedure, patients may have to stay in the hospital for a few days after the procedure. The recovery is simply longer compared to a mini tummy tuck.

Although the recovery period may also vary from one patient to another, it is best to take some weeks off from work to ensure that the body is fully healed before resuming your normal activities. This helps lessen the risk of complications.

The traditional tummy tuck also produces a larger scar that runs from one side of the hip to the other end. The incision is done on the lower abdominal area, and it can be seen when wearing a bikini. The good thing is that the scar eventually fades in time. Sadly, there are people who are prone to scarring. Thus, scars would remain visible. If you are not comfortable with the long scar, then it is best not to go through with this procedure.

This procedure should only be done when the patient has already decided to stop procreating. This is because pregnancy will only cause the stomach to change in shape again due to the weight gain and pressure on the belly. The flat stomach achieved after the surgery may no longer be brought back after succeeding pregnancies.

Through this surgery, it is also possible to move the navel in a position to make it more aesthetically pleasing. If a surgeon does not position the navel properly, it can look weird and unnatural. It will take a skilled surgeon to do a proper tummy tuck procedure.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a tummy tuck surgery produces varying results for different people. Each one can react differently to the surgery, and it is possible that some may develop complications. Some complications can even be life threatening, which is why patients should really make sure they avoid doing things that may result to complications during the recovery.

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