Effect of pregnancy on augmented breasts

Effect of pregnancy on augmented breasts

03rd Sep 2018

Some women become very afraid of becoming pregnant because they have breast implants. This is because of the different myths that surround pregnancy and breast implants. While it is true that a woman should consider future pregnancy when they are thinking about breast implant surgery, the mere fact that they have implants doesn’t disqualify them from becoming pregnant in the future.

Women of various ages go for breast augmentation surgery. There are women as young as 18 years old. Pregnancy doesn’t really have a bad effect on the implants. It is very unusual for complications to arise just because the woman becomes pregnant. Although the breast naturally increases in size during pregnancy, the implants are not really negatively affected by this increase.

People should remember that pregnancy is not a reason for women not to get implants. There are certain surgical methods and techniques that still make it possible for a woman to breastfeed even if they have implants. Whether women have gone through breast implant surgery or not, they can still enjoy their pregnancy. The only thing that women should take note of is the possible aesthetic effects of the pregnancy on breasts with implants.

One of the main concerns is sagging skin. It is normal for pregnant women to have increased breast size. The milk glands will produce milk, and this can lead to the stretching of the surrounding tissues as well as the skin. Once the child is weaned off from breastfeeding, the milk glands will gradually shrink in size. It is possible that the skin that has once stretched wouldn’t shrink back to size and cause sagging. Although this can occur, it can also be remedied by a breast lift once the woman is already done having children.

It is also possible for women to observe dimpling or rippling in their breast. This is most likely for those who have their implants positioned above the muscles. Having the implants below the muscles can lessen the risk of developing this. In addition to the rippling, any negative effects due to the pressure of the implants against the glands will be avoided when the implants are positioned under the muscles.

Each woman is different, and there are women who had issues with the appearance of their augmented breast due to pregnancy while there are also others who didn’t have any problems. This is because the body can react differently to the implants as well as to the state of pregnancy. If you are planning to be pregnant in the future but would want to augment your breasts, then you should inform your surgeon about your plans.

An open communication with your surgeon helps make sure the surgery is done specifically for your needs. By talking well with your surgeon, they will be able to suggest methods or techniques they can do to fit what you want to get out of the surgery. This is the reason why you should make sure you are comfortable in communicating with the surgeon who is going to do your surgery.

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