The most effective method to get the hourglass shape

The most effective method to get the hourglass shape

31st Jan 2017

[vc_single_image image=”4368″ img_size=”large”] Starting with ‘50s divas like Marilyn Monroe to modern symbols like Kim Kardashian and Sofía Vergara, the world has venerated the curvaceous bodies of celebrities throughout the decades. There is no denying that voluptuous women do look attractive, and these famous people with their hourglass shape have accumulated extensive consideration over the years. Not all the stars are sufficiently fortunate to have the regular hourglass body, so a considerable lot of them use plastic surgery to get the figure they have always wanted.

Despite the fact that an appropriate diet and exercising regime are able to help you attain an attractive figure, plastic surgery is still the fastest and more powerful strategy to get the perfect bust, buttock, thighs, and the waif-like waist required for the hourglass shape.

The VIP hourglass shape pattern

Lately, there has been a growing trend among VIPs to get plastic surgery to attain the “perfect” hourglass shape. Famous people are hoping to further improve their appearance with bigger, yet natural looking breasts, along with improved butts, thrilling hips, slimmer mid-regions, and thick thighs. The interest for figures like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj is at an all time high in the US and all over the world.

The celebrities want a quick fix when it comes to getting the hourglass shape, so exercising and diet may not be the right option for them. Even with an intense diet and regime, there is no assurance that you will get the ideal hourglass figure. As a result, plastic surgery is a viable choice for VIPs who need and want to have a curvaceous figure fast.

Plastic surgery choices to get the hourglass body

There are several plastic surgery procedures that will help you accomplish the hourglass figure: liposuction, butt enlargement, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, fat transfer to the hips, and body reshaping.

A plastic surgeon can make the curves by creating or removing elements through a mix of plastic surgery methods. For instance, liposuction can be utilized to streamline your lower body, giving you a perfect breast to waist proportion. Afterwards, your plastic surgeon can do a buttock augmentation to give you a bigger and rounder butt. Of course all this is contingent upon your current anatomy and desired objectives. Your plastic surgeon will determine the appropriate plastic surgery procedures that will successfully achieve the hourglass body you desire.


Liposuction is still amongst the most widely recognized plastic surgery procedures used by famous people. It can help you get an hourglass shape by removing stubborn pockets of fat in various parts of your body that can’t be removed through diets or workouts. This procedure can be done on the midriff, sides, flanks, stomach, neck, armpits, jaw, and thighs.

Liposuction removes fat cells from your body by using a metal cannula. Your plastic surgeon will make an incision and insert the cannula in specific areas of your body, where you want your fat to be removed. If you have stubborn fat stores in your abdomen, flanks, and sides, you also need to do a liposuction in that area in order to achieve your end goal.

Your surgeon will use local or general anesthesia for the procedure. After the surgery, you will be advised to wear a piece of clothing that puts pressure on specific areas for a few weeks. You ought to adhere to the guidelines of your surgeon, even if it means having to wear a girdle. Despite the fact that the dangers and potential entanglements of liposuction are extremely uncommon, it is vital to go to an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon to get successful results.

Breast enhancement

One of the most imperative components to getting an hourglass shape is a perfect proportion of bust and waist, which means identical bust-hip measurements. If your breasts are not proportional, you can get a breast augmentation to make your breasts bigger. Having enlarged breasts will give you the voluptuous body you desire. This is because when you get bigger breasts, they will make your waist and lower back look much smaller.

Breast augmentation should be possible through the following three procedures: silicone gel implants, saline solution implants, and fat transfer to the breasts. Your plastic surgeon will look at your overall health condition, objectives, and desires from the procedure before suggesting a game plan. They need to ensure that it fits your circumstance.

Another good thing about this procedure is that it is among the best and safest plastic surgery.

Buttocks enlargement

Rounder, curvier buttocks are another important part in the hourglass body. If you don’t have an alluring butt, the buttock augmentation procedure is an alternative you can consider. Celebrities tend to be sensitive when it comes to the state of their butt because it has become an important aesthetic trait in their industry.

A buttock augmentation will certainly give you an hourglass shape since it makes the S-bend. It fundamentally enhances the state of the posterior and lifts it to accomplish a nice shape in your lower back region. This procedure usually involves a blend of fat transferring techniques and liposuction or even by dealing with the skin tissues. Your plastic surgeon will determine the appropriate method based on your current shape, expectations and desires.

Ultimately, the procedure removes all undesirable fat cells from various zones of your body, such as the stomach area, flanks, and thighs, and then transferring them to your buttock. Sometimes the regular butt implant is not enough to help you achieve the hourglass figure, so liposuction might be necessary to transfer fat to your behind. When done successfully, it can lift your butt, making it rounder and curvier.

Hourglass tummy tuck performed by Dr. Cortes

The tummy tuck is yet another plastic surgery method that can be used. This procedure is intended to make your stomach area appear flatter and improve your profile by eliminating sagging skin. The result is a slimmer belly. A straightened and firmer tummy can highlight your bust and backside more.

You may have excess, droopy skin on tummies as an aftereffect of pregnancy, dramatic weight loss regimens, or some other reason, which make it difficult to remove it naturally. Consequently, the tummy tuck procedure appeals to celebrities because it removes the sagging, folded skin and gives them the perfect hourglass shape. Moreover, the technique tightens your stomach muscles and takes out stretch imprints, especially those under the midsection area.

For some patients, the tummy tuck surgery alone may not be enough to accomplish the hourglass shape, so it might be important to do a blend of tummy tuck and liposuction. Women who have a blend of techniques are typically more content with the results than the individuals who only do one procedure.

Body contouring procedures

Body shaping is a combination of plastic surgical procedures that will help get the hourglass shape. Also known as the body-sculpting method, this includes the use of a blend of strategies like VelaShape and Endermologie to cut and refigure your body. The outcomes are great, but the results are gradual. With that said, as your tissues mend, you will see a critical change in your body forms.


Aesthetics are important to most people, especially for people in the entertainment industry. This is why you may desire an hourglass figure. Proper diet and exercise are great solutions, but they are slow and there is no guarantee that you can even accomplish the figure you had always wanted. In addition, diet and exercise cannot completely remove obstinate fat stores in your belly, sides, flanks, and thighs.

Therefore, the best technique to achieve the hourglass shape is plastic surgery. Your plastic surgeon may suggest one or a more of these strategies to fulfill your tasteful objectives. This will ensure that you get the best possible hourglass shape that you can.

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