elos : Revolutionary Laser Hair Removal in Houston

elos : Revolutionary Laser Hair Removal in Houston

26th Feb 2013

Some hairs grow in parts of your body where they are not supposed to, as they may negatively affect your total appearance. These unwanted hair growths may be anywhere in your body: cheeks, chin, upper lip, neck, breast, shoulders, stomach, arms, bikini area, back area, and legs. If you have used hair removal creams or treatments with no significant results, it is high time that you consider the latest in hair treatment technology.

Houston Board-Certified Surgeon Dr. Cortés offers an effective yet safe laser hair removal called elos. By precisely targeting and destroying hair follicles, elos makes it easy for you to achieve a beautiful, silky smooth skin permanently.

What’s so revolutionary about elos is that it is the only hair technology that combines bi-polar radio frequency and light energies. This means that it can remove hair of many colors and types from all skin tones – whether for men or women. Furthermore, elos is a no-downtime procedure as patients can go back to normal routine right after treatment.

If you’re interested about this revolutionary, next-generation hair removal, please schedule now a personalized consultation with Dr. Cortés. To do that, connect with us at (713) 234-6244 or via this Online Reservation Form.

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