Enhance your breast appearance before the New Year

Enhance your breast appearance before the New Year

23rd Oct 2017

If you have ever felt that your breasts are letting you down, you are probably not the only one with that feeling. There are many women out who may have great figures and gorgeous hair, but only one thing lets them down: breasts that are not the way they should be. We are talking here about breasts that are sagging or hanging loose. If you are a woman who believes that something needs to done about your breasts to enhance your appearance this New Year, then Voila, you have just landed at the right place at the right time. Don’t just sit there and watch other women with great, perky breasts get everything. You can have a breast lift surgery and come out the drop-dead beauteous and sexy woman you have always wanted to be.

Here is a breast lift guide you can count on to help you achieve a youthful appearance this New Year:

What is a breast lift surgery?

This is a surgical procedure that restores breast shape by making breasts perkier, firmer and aesthetically pleasing. It removes excess sagging skin and tightens the surrounding breast tissue to achieve a better breast profile. This procedure can also be used to reduce enlarged areola and rejuvenate the whole breast contour to give it a youthful appearance.

If your breasts have changed a lot and have become loose and saggy than they used to be before pregnancy or breastfeeding, you should probably consider a breast lift surgery. New Year is just around the corner and you don’t want to be the only one around with breasts that have lost its shape and look droopy and saggy. Find a board certified plastic surgeon to help you achieve firmer and perkier breasts.

What causes breasts to sag and become loose?

• Gravity

• Pregnancy

• Heredity

• Breastfeeding

• Weight loss

According to a recent study, most American women choose to have breast lift surgery due to the above reasons. Breastfeeding and motherhood may be emotionally uplifting and rewarding but leaves unwelcome effects on breast shape and overall breast profile. Breast lift surgery can help correct breasts affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How can you tell if you need to undergo a breast lift surgery?

A breast lift surgery is an elective procedure and a personal decision that you alone can make. You should have very good reasons to have it. The next step should be search for and consult a board certified plastic surgeon to advice you further and ascertain if you are a good candidate for breast lift surgery.

• If you are a woman and your nipples pointed downwards, you will need to consider consulting a plastic surgeon to advise you whether you can be a good fit for breast lift surgery or not.

• If your breasts are asymmetrical by nature, plan to see a plastic surgeon to advice you whether a breast lift would be a good option.

Your plastic surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon to perform your planned breast lift surgery is one of the most important steps you need to take. There are several questions you need to ask your plastic surgeon during the initial consultation. Below are some of the suggested key questions to ask to help you make an informed decision:

• Are you board certified in plastic surgery?

• How much experience do you have in breast lift surgery in particular?

• Is the medical facility accredited?

• How many breast lift procedures have you performed so far?

• What are the possible complications and risks?

• What should I expect?

• What should I do if I don’t achieve desired results?

To increases chances of achieving the breast shape you have always wanted, you should look for a board certified plastic surgeon and one you can trust and feel comfortable with. The worst mistake you can ever make while looking for a plastic surgeon would be solely basing your selection on cost of surgery quoted by the surgeon. A low price is, often indicative of lack of surgical experience or an ill-equipped medical facility. Choosing a surgeon is not like scouting for a bargain. This is your personal safety and well-being at stake. Cheap does not mean best.

Types of breast lift surgery

There are different types of beast lift surgeries that you can undergo to enhance your breast appearance and breast profile before New Year. Here are the different types of breast lift surgeries.

1. Crescent lift: this type of breast lift surgery is normally suitable for women with minimally sagging breasts. This procedure can be performed alongside a breast augmentation procedure to increase the size and shape of breasts. Crescent breast lift only uses one incision.

2. Peri-Areola: If your breasts don’t sag too much or you simply have mildly sagging breasts, a peri-areola breast lift surgery would be a good option for you. If your areola is large, this type of breast lift surgery can help resize it to your desired results. The incision made in this type of breast lift surgery is circular and running around the areola edge. It can also be performed alongside breast augmentation procedure in case you want your breasts to be lifted and enlarged as well.

3. Vertical lift: According to breast lift surgery studies, this is the most common type of breast lift used as it allows a plastic surgeon to get rid of excess skin and reshape entire breasts. It involves the use of two incisions, with one of them running from the areola edge and the other one running from the areola bottom.

4. Anchor Lift: If you are one of those women struggling with excessively sagging breasts this would be the best type of breast lift for you. After examining you, your plastic surgeon will suggest an anchor lift if you have extremely saggy breasts. Unlike the other types of breast lift, this one involves making three incisions to enable the removal of excess sagging skin. An anchor lift may sometimes lead to visible scarring but should fade in time and can be easily concealed under your swimsuit.

After undergoing breast lift surgery

This common outpatient procedure normally takes about 2 hours and it is also done under general anesthesia to make the whole process comfortable for the patient. After the surgery, you will be monitored for a certain period before being allowed to go home the same day. Your plastic surgeon may use a surgical bra or a bandage to cover your breasts.


To minimize complications such as swelling and infections, you will need to wear a support bra to support your breasts as you recover from breast lift surgery. Your plastic surgeon may temporarily use a tube to drain fluids and excess blood in the wound to avoid fluid accumulation under the skin.

Before being allowed to go home you’ll be given a list of instructions to follow during recovery. This may include:

• Post-operative care instructions

• Medications to provide relief, prevent infections and promote proper and swift recovery

• Symptoms or possible complications to watch out for so you can immediately inform your surgeon

• What to avoid as you recover

Breast lift surgery patients should ask their plastic surgeon some specific questions pertinent to their recovery such as:

• When will stitches be removed?

• When will I be able to resume work and normal activities?

• What medications will you give me?

• What type of bra should I avoid using while in recovery?

• Where will I be taken after surgery?

Underwire bras should be avoided after breast lift surgery until your plastic surgeon gives you clearance.

Some breast lift surgery patients may sometimes feel pain, swelling and certain amount of soreness on their breasts after this procedure. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe medications to ease the pain and discomfort. After breast lift surgery, you should also avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleep on your back until you are fully recovered. Most breast lift surgery patients recover after a few days and can return to work. If you were concerned about downtime, this should allay your worries because recovery does not normally take more than ten days.

Possible risks and complications after breast lift surgery

Just like any surgery, plastic surgery comes with associated complications such as:

• Scarring

• Swelling

• Bleeding

• Infections

• Allergic reactions to anesthesia

• Undesired results like asymmetry and imperfections

• Total or partial loss of areola or nipple sensation

• Prolonged healing process

• Accumulation of fluid

• Breast asymmetry


Your plastic surgeon would be able to clearly explain to you how to avoid possible risks and what to do to minimize occurrence. All this would be discussed during consultation with your plastic surgeon.

As you begin to plan for a breast lift surgery to enhance your breast appearance before New Year, please be reminded that your first step would be choosing a board certified plastic surgeon to have a greater chance of achieving desired results. If you are planning to have children after undergoing a breast lift surgery, you should inform your plastic surgeon beforehand. Breast lift surgery is recommended after your childbearing is over as each pregnancy will affect and diminish results achieved.


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