Enhancing the Breasts through Natural Supplements

Enhancing the Breasts through Natural Supplements

26th Aug 2017


Many women dream of having the perfect breasts but despite knowing that plastic surgery is the only means to realize their dream, they insist on searching for alternative methods of breast enhancement. Having apprehensions about undergoing surgery is reasonable and logical; however, trying out previously untested concoctions derived from the extracts of medicinal herbs and non-invasive techniques can be equally risky. In today’s increasingly health-conscious society, the demand for natural food supplements has risen and a number of supplements have gained popularity after garnering excessive media attention.

Substitute to plastic surgery?

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a quick and surefire way to enhance the size of the breasts. Conversely, numerous dietary supplements assert that they can obtain similar results within weeks to months of regular intake. Claims such as this should set off alarm bells because there can be no way that minute concentrations of certain fruits or vegetables can enlarge the breasts. Patients will have to consume this drug for years on end without ever obtaining visible results.

These natural dietary supplements are actually made of seeds or plants that have yet to be approved for use by the FDA. Moreover, it should also be noted that the manufacturers of these natural supplements do not have information on the possible side effects, risks and potential complications of consuming these pills. Because unfounded rumors stating that these supplements have no side effects have been perpetuated, the demand for these pills have increased even more.

And though a majority of these dietary pills are fake, some natural supplements can increase the size of the bust to a small extent due to the fragrant herbs and other components that act similarly to estrogen. For instance, women taking birth control pills experience a temporary increase in the size of their breasts due to the elevated estrogen levels in their blood which also triggers fluid retention leading to larger breasts.

These natural dietary pills function similarly to birth control pills but these supplements have a number of undisclosed side effects and potential health complications. Even with the ease of consuming supplements, breast augmentation achieved with plastic surgery is still unparalleled. Particular breast enhancement procedures such as fat transfer or breast augmentation with implants are still tried, tested, and safe methods to enlarge the breasts.

As with any other surgical intervention, plastic surgery has associated risks and side effects. Nonetheless, any reservations about the procedure can be placated by the surgeon during the discussion of the risks and precautionary measures. Moreover, the results of the plastic surgery intervention are easier to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.

The safety of natural supplements for breast enhancement

Although the majority of these natural supplements will have no effect on the patient’s breast size, some of them will yield a mild and temporary increase in the volume of the patient’s breasts. This short-lived effect is what drives people to buy these alternative medicines despite their questionable short-term and long-term effectiveness and safety.

It is evident that the natural supplements with mild aesthetic effects contain estrogen. The patients who take these pills on a regular basis risk acquiring complications for short-lived effects. Moreover, taking medications containing estrogen without a doctor’s prescription may eventually trigger the proliferation of uterine tissue which eventually lead to uterine cancer and other unknown life-threatening conditions.

Furthermore, commercially available birth control medicines and other medicines include progesterone in their formulation; thus, it counteracts the effect of estrogen on uterine tissue. It is essential for patients to bear in mind that natural supplements do not contain progesterone and as such, there is no chemical present in the supplements which will offset the effects of estrogen. In the end, the patient’s fertility and menstruation will suffer the consequences.

What are the side effects and risks of the natural supplements?

The effects brought about by these natural dietary supplements are akin to those induced by the hormonal activity of adolescents during puberty. These hormonal changes promote the accumulation of fat around the breasts but these changes are merely temporary and they occur only for as long as the hormones are present in elevated levels in the blood stream.

To date, no scientific studies have been performed to test the efficacy and usefulness of these natural supplements for breast augmentation. Though the idea of simply consuming medications to acquire prominent breasts seems appealing, it is worth mentioning that the results of this method are only temporary and they can also do harm since the pills do not regulate the levels of estrogen in the body which can lead to the proliferation of uterine tissue.

Without a doubt, most natural dietary supplements would have no effect on the breasts and will bring nothing but harm to other parts of the body through the hormonal imbalance that it triggers. Moreover, patients who use birth control pills experience very insignificant and temporary growth in their breast sizes. This proves that only plastic surgery can provide you large and shapely breasts, with permanent results.


The addition of the word “natural” to the words “dietary supplements” does not necessarily mean that it is natural or safe to use. Using their products does not guarantee amazing or satisfactory results because they have not been clinically tested; thus, have not been given the clearance that it is effective and safe for human consumption. These dietary supplement products mainly contain estrogen which is normally found in birth control pills. Estrogen initiates the collection of fat around the breast area, the proliferation of uterine tissue, and introduces various hormonal imbalances in the body. These effects impart more volume onto the breasts but the results should be expected to last only a short while. Therefore, the only safe, tested and proven method for enhancing the breasts is through plastic surgery.

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