How to ensure you get satisfactory results after a butt enhancement procedure

How to ensure you get satisfactory results after a butt enhancement procedure

13th Sep 2018

When considering undergoing a plastic surgery intervention, there are a few things you need to do to ensure you get satisfactory results after the procedure. Even if most procedures have been performed with a high satisfaction rate for years now, there is still a chance of getting unsatisfactory results after the surgery. There are cases of different people who underwent plastic surgery only to be disappointed with the results which can be seen in mass media every month.

In this article, we will discuss about the variety of butt enhancement procedures and what the patient can do to ensure that they get satisfactory results.

Details about the butt augmentation procedure

If you’ve already discovered that doing sports and strenuous physical exercises do not help to increase what nature has not given you, undergoing plastic surgery can be your only solution. It offers two methods for the butt augmentation procedure: silicone implants surgery or by transferring fat from the other areas of your own body into the buttocks.

Both procedures are safe, commonly performed nowadays, and provide impressive results. However, the results achieved when using implants are different from the ones that occur after the fat transfer to the buttocks. It is also important to remember that the size and shape of your buttocks after the surgery will ultimately depend on the initial gluteal tissue. Plastic surgery will certainly improve your back end, but it can’t work miracles and turn an almost non-existent buttock into a back side like J. Lo’s.

Butt augmentation with silicone implants

This procedure increases the volume of the buttocks permanently. It is the only possible surgery when there is not enough fat in other areas of the body to perform a fat transfer to the buttocks.

Using silicone implants accentuates the definition of the buttocks, especially when this procedure is combined with liposuction of the nearby areas, such as the thighs and the waist.

It gives balance to the body shape of the people who exercise to develop and bring out their muscles but do not succeed in developing the buttocks as much as the rest of their body.

Butt augmentation with lipo filling

This procedure can also deliver permanent results; however, for the results to be sustained for a long time the patient needs to maintain a constant weight. Any weight loss that occurs after the procedure has been performed can affect the appearance of the buttock. Fat injections have more chance of success in the buttocks than in other areas of the body since the natural features of the buttocks make them suitable for accumulating adipose tissue. However, it must be taken into account that sometimes the volume obtained in the procedure can be partially reduced over the next few months, because the body will absorb a certain percentage of the fat transferred.

The buttocks become more visible not only because of the increase in volume but also by the contrast of the neighboring areas, the volume of which is reduced during the collection of fat with liposuction. It just means that if your waist and thighs get smaller and the surplus fat is injected into the buttocks, the effects of the procedure are more visible.

Overview of the butt augmentation procedure

Both interventions are performed under general anesthesia for the comfort of the patient and because they can be quite lengthy. The procedures can take up to two hours or more, depending on the complexity of each case. When the butt implants surgery is combined with the fat transfer to the buttocks, the operation time increases significantly, but the results are not superior to the ones achieved after undergoing only one of the two procedures.

After the butt augmentation is performed, the patient is required to rest in the medical facility for a few hours, until the effects of the general anesthesia have worn. Just make sure to have a friend or a family member to drive you home after the surgery because you won’t be able to drive yourself as you are still under the influence of painkillers and sitting directly on the buttocks must be avoided after the intervention.

The procedures are not painful, but a certain discomfort can be felt in the butt area. Pain medication and antibiotics will be prescribed by the plastic surgeon to help you manage the pain and keep the infections at bay.

How to get satisfactory results after the butt enhancement procedures

Both procedures have more or less the same instructions for a faster recovery period and to achieve satisfactory results. Here are some things you need to do to make sure you will be pleased with the results:

1. Choose your plastic surgeon wisely

Many people tend to believe that if a plastic surgeon is great with face lifts, then he will automatically do an amazing job with butt augmentations too. This is not always the case. At the present time, we live in a quite specialized society where experienced professionals tend to focus on one distinctive area in their field. The plastic surgeon that you will choose to perform your butt augmentation needs to be highly experienced in performing this type of procedure. He should also be board-certified as this is a guarantee that he has the accreditation and has performed hundreds of procedures in the past.

Butt surgery is not as easy as it seems and requires a specific sense of aesthetics, as well as impeccable surgical skills.

Make sure to check or ask for before and after pictures of other patients he had performed surgery on to see what you can expect in terms of the results of the intervention.

2. Don’t sit or lie on your back side

This might sound like a small thing, but this recommendation is probably one of the most important things the patient needs to remember after a buttock surgery. It can be quite difficult to avoid sitting on the buttocks, especially for someone used to sit in an office all day long, but the results of your intervention depend on it. Applying too much pressure on the buttocks after undergoing a butt implant surgery or a fat transfer to the buttocks can cause the butt implants to get displaced or the fat to die. The implants and the fat transferred need to settle into its new environment. The implants will settle into their pockets inside the muscles and the fat transferred will get a new blood supply that will ensure its survival. But this can take quite some time. This is why it is not recommended to sit or lie on the buttocks for at least a few weeks after the surgery is performed. If fat was transferred to the hips too during the procedure, it will be instructed to avoid lying on your sides too.

3. Keep the area clean

It is very important to maintain proper hygiene at the surgical site during the healing process. The scar is generally 6-7cm long after a butt implants surgery, but you have nothing to worry about because it will remain well-hidden in the fold between the butt cheeks.

In the case of a buttock augmentation by lipo filling, there will be a small scar in each of the areas from which the fat was removed. Since they measure less than 3 mm, they are really hard to see.

As we have mentioned above, you can only lie on your stomach until the stitches are removed. From the seventh day, you will be able to sit down again and go back to work, if this does not require you to spend a long time sitting.

4. Wear the compression garments

Your plastic surgeon will advise you to wear compression garments non-stop after the butt enhancement procedure was performed. It only means that the compression garment should only be removed when showering and then put it back on again after. This is another essential part of the recovery process that will guarantee to help you achieve satisfactory results after the procedure. The buttocks will need support and compression after the surgery, so make sure to wear the compression clothing for as long as the plastic surgeon recommends it.


In general, the increase in the volume of the buttocks offers a long-lasting and very satisfactory result for a vast majority of patients. Your new curves will make your silhouette look more feminine. Keep in mind that undergoing a butt enhancement procedure is an important and personal decision and it should not be taken lightly. During the recovery after a butt augmentation, the patient needs to actively work towards the end goal of achieving satisfactory results after the intervention. Moreover, it can be quite taxing for the patient not to be able to sit or lie on their back for an extended period of time. However, when considering the pros and cons of undergoing a butt enhancement procedure, you should also keep in mind that the results achieved after plastic surgery are permanent and impossible to achieve in any other way.

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