Ensuring a fast recovery after plastic surgery

Ensuring a fast recovery after plastic surgery

13th Jun 2019

Ensuring a fast recovery after plastic surgery


There are patients coming to the pre-operative consultations for different procedures and asking straight up what they can do to ensure a fast recovery after plastic surgery. This is a good attitude, and it means that the patient understands his role in the process of improving the appearance of the body with the help of plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon will indeed perform the procedure and create the premises for spectacular results to be achieved, but ultimately it is what happens during the recovery period that has an impact on the final results.

Ensuring a fast recovery and good results after plastic surgery is not difficult. In just a few words, all you have to do is follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon and always ask before doing something if it is a topic that was not covered during the pre-operative consultation.

To make sure your recovery is normal and smooth, you should eliminate all the factors that could potentially trigger complications. Among them is smoking. Smoking can interfere with the recovery process and even prolong it unnecessarily because of the influence it has on the blood. When the patient is smoking, the blood doesn’t have enough oxygen to carry to the tissues that need healing, and this means that the cicatrization process and the restoring of the tissues that were injured during surgery will take longer. Moreover, because of the lack of proper oxygenation of the blood in the operated tissues, skin or fat necrosis can occur after plastic surgery. In other words, the skin or fat in certain areas could die. When this happens, there might be a need for an additional surgery to treat the condition. The recommendation is not to smoke for at least three weeks post-op if you want to have a smooth and fast recovery period.

Avoiding physically demanding activities in the first few weeks post-op will also help you have a speedy recovery after plastic surgery. Just like in the case of smoking, strenuous physical activities can trigger complications such as wound dehiscence and even implant shifting if implants were used for your procedure. It is important to take things slowly and gradually after your plastic surgery. This means that it is a good idea to avoid forcing the operated area for at least a month post-op or according to the plastic surgeon’s recommendations. If you had procedures performed on the breasts or the tummy, avoid lifting heavy objects from the floor for at least three to four weeks, even if this means not taking your kids in your arms. The sutures can rupture, and you will be facing severe complications.

Rest is mandatory after plastic surgery, but don’t spend the entire two weeks only in bed. The plastic surgeon will advise you to get off the bed and move around as soon as possible, especially if you had a procedure on the tummy, as there is a high risk of developing a blood clot due to spending a long time in one position after surgery.


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