Ensuring satisfactory results after fat transfer to the buttocks

Ensuring satisfactory results after fat transfer to the buttocks

23rd Nov 2019



If you are looking for a plastic surgery procedure to add projection and shape to your butt, you may be a good candidate for fat transfer surgery. Fat transfer to the buttocks, more popularly known as the Brazilian butt lift, is a plastic surgery procedure that uses the extra fat available in your body to enhance your backside. The buttocks play an essential role in defining the aesthetics of your body. It is for this reason that many women feel lower self-esteem when their buttocks shrink or lack projection.

People who intend to undergo buttock augmentation with fat often ask how they can ensure the results are satisfactory. Keep in mind that fat transfer surgery is meant for patients who desire to get shapelier and mildly projected buttocks. Fortunately, if your goals are realistic, you can do certain things after fat transfer surgery to ensure that the results are satisfactory.


Fat transfer to the buttocks and being satisfied with the results

Buttock augmentation with fat is a major and effective plastic surgery procedure. It has a history of delivering satisfactory outcomes. However, there are still certain factors that can affect the results. To understand how you can identify those factors and work accordingly to increase your satisfaction with the results, you need first to understand what the operation involves and what results it offers.

As the name suggests, fat transfer surgery uses your body fat to enhance your booty. If you have enough excess, unwanted fat in your body, you may qualify for the operation. There are many steps involved in the procedure. These include fat extraction, fat processing, and fat grafting. After the anesthesia is administered, the plastic surgeon will begin the operation by performing liposuction on the fat donor areas and extracting the surplus fat from those areas. 

Once enough fat has been collected, the surgeon will process the fat in a centrifuge. The goal of this step is to purify the fat and remove the impurities so that only the healthy and living fat cells are picked for transfer to your buttocks. In the last step, the plastic surgeon will carefully select each fat cell with a special needle and then inject into the booty. This step is called fat grafting and involves meticulous work and attention to detail. 

The results will not be apparent right after the procedure. Instead, the patient has to wait with patience throughout the entire recovery period to see the results. The results will slowly emerge after many weeks and even months. When they finally arise, your buttocks will appear projected, shapelier, smooth, and sensual. Whether you will be happy with the outcomes of the surgery depends on many factors. During the pre-operative consultation, you should ask the surgeon as to what you can do to increase your satisfaction with the results. 

Below are some of the methods that can make sure that you are happy with the results of fat transfer surgery:


– Have realistic goals and expectations

The first and most important factor that can determine your satisfaction level after butt augmentation with fat transfer are your goals and expectations. To be happy with the results, you must have reasonable, realistic, and achievable goals and aspirations. You must communicate your goals and expectations to the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. If your goals are unrealistic and unachievable, a good surgeon will always tell you that they are so and would encourage you to have realistic goals.

Many women bring pictures of celebrities to the consultation session and communicate their desire to have buttocks similar to those celebrities or want to look like the celebrity. Fat transfer surgery can effectively enhance your buttocks; however, it will not transform or change you into another person or make your buttocks look like those of the person you are inspired of. Furthermore, not all people get the same shape and type of buttocks with fat transfer surgery.

Fat transfer, like all other plastic surgery procedures, is performed with clear goals in mind and within the parameters and framework of your body. Every person has a unique shape and skeletal frame. The buttock augmentation merely is performed within that framework and to enhance the unique aesthetics of your body.


– Avoid sitting and sleeping on your back for two weeks after the surgery

The second most important thing that you must do after fat transfer to the buttocks is to avoid sitting and sleeping your back for the first two weeks after the surgery. These activities tend to apply pressure and strain on your buttocks, which can lead to damage or even death of the fat grafts injected into your buttocks. Keep in mind that the fat cells injected into your buttocks are delicate and can quickly die or be damaged. If they die or are damaged, it will affect the sustainability of the achieved results. As such, you may not be satisfied with the results and think the surgery has failed to deliver you the desired results. 

To ensure satisfactory results after a fat transfer to the buttocks, you must avoid sitting for two weeks after the surgery and sleep on your side or the front instead of your back during this period. Even when you resume sitting and sleeping on your backside after two weeks, make sure to place a soft cushion under your buttocks and a rolled towel under your hamstring muscles for four weeks after the surgery.


– Wear the compression garments

To ensure satisfactory results after fat transfer to the buttocks, the plastic surgeon will advise you to wear compression garments for many weeks after the surgery. The compression garments are specially made to be worn after surgery. These garments are designed to keep your newly contoured buttocks intact and hold them in place until the fat grafts are vascularized and the buttocks gain strength. The compression garments not only help reduce swelling of the buttocks after the procedure but also speed up the recovery and enhance the results of the surgery. For this reason, make sure to wear the compression garments for the time recommended by the plastic surgeon. 


– Avoid strenuous activities for six weeks post-op

Strenuous activities can apply pressure on the fat grafts during the recovery period, which can affect your satisfaction with the achieved results. To ensure satisfactory results after butt augmentation with fat, be sure to avoid strenuous activities for six weeks after the procedure. The fat cells are fragile and can easily be damaged or absorbed by your body. Strenuous activities like exercises, jogging, weight lifting, etc. can trigger absorption of the fat by your body, which can lead to shrinkage of your buttocks and reversal of the achieved improvements. After six weeks, you can gradually resume your daily routine and physically demanding activities, including exercise. By this time, the fat cells will be vascularized and will nurture and expand, which helps them stay intact and resist being absorbed by your body.


– Healthy nutrition 

Next, satisfaction with the results also depends on what you eat after the procedure. After the fat transfer surgery, you must maintain a stable weight. Weight loss after the surgery can affect the results achieved. To retain the results, do not eat foods that can result in massive weight loss or weight gain. Also, eat a healthy and balanced diet. Cutting junk foods from your diet during the recovery period can help prolong and enhance the results.


– Avoid smoking

Smoking can damage your health, and we all are aware of this fact. However, smoking can affect the results of fat transfer surgery. To avoid the possible damages, the plastic surgeon will advise you to stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery and remain a non-smoker during the recovery period. If you don’t stop smoking, your body will fail to supply blood to the fat grafts, which can result in the death of the fat cells and hence the desired results will not transpire. 



Buttock augmentation with fat transfer has an excellent record of effectively enhancing the shape and projection of the buttocks. If your buttocks lack projection and shape, you may consider undergoing this procedure. The surgery involves removal of the surplus fat available in your body areas like the abdomen, sides, flanks, etc., and transfer of the fat to your buttocks. As a result, your buttocks become projected and shapelier. 

Many people wonder as to how they can ensure satisfactory results after fat transfer surgery. There are many things that you can do to increase your satisfaction with the outcomes of the operation. I have discussed the most important of those things in this article.


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