Essential info about butt implant placement

Essential info about butt implant placement

21st Jun 2021

Butt implant surgery is one of the two methods available nowadays for butt enhancement. While fat transfer is getting more popular by the day, there is no question about the fact that butt implants are the optimal choice for patients who want a more considerable augmentation in just one session. The results achieved with the two procedures are not comparable as fat transfer will deal more with the overall look of the buttocks while implants will increase the projection of the buttocks.

When considering undergoing such a complex and major plastic surgery procedure, it is important for patients to be fully aware of what it entails. When butt implant surgery is performed, the patient will be required to adopt a certain behavior and make several lifestyle changes a month before the procedure. 

Among the things that need to be done in preparation for butt implant surgery are quitting smoking, stopping birth control medication, and avoiding anti-inflammatory medication as well as other natural supplements for at least two weeks before the procedure. Patients are also advised to keep a balanced, healthy regimen to ensure the body is in top condition. 

During the recovery period, there are other instructions the patient must follow to the letter. Among these instructions include avoiding smoking for three more weeks, not sleeping on the back or sitting on the buttocks for the same amount of time, and also staying away from intense physical activities. 

Butt implant surgery takes about two hours and is often performed with the patient under general anesthesia. General anesthesia is preferred for the comfort of the patient. The patient is placed face down on the operating table, and the plastic surgeon will begin by making incisions on the intragluteal fold. Using these incisions, he will create pockets inside or under the gluteal muscles where the implants will be inserted. 

In other words, we have two options for butt implant placement: inside the gluteus maximus muscles or under the muscles. Most plastic surgeons will advise the patient to go for the placement inside the muscles as it provides good coverage and there are certain complications that could be avoided. However, there are other surgeons who will choose to position the implants under the muscles of the buttocks as they believe it will be better for certain patients, considering that there is a whole muscle to cover the implant. The opinions are shared, and it is important to choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon to play out your procedure. He will give you the best recommendation for butt implant placement after performing a physical examination on the tissues of your buttocks.

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