Exercise after breast enhancement surgery

Exercise after breast enhancement surgery

26th Nov 2019


A recovery period follows naturally after any kind of surgery. The plastic surgeon will guide your steps through this period, just like he helped you prepared to undergo the procedure. You should find out the details of the post-operative period even during the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon as it is important to know when certain activities can be resumed such as exercise and work, as well as other daily activities. The plastic surgeon should give you at least a few basic ideas about effort, rest, and what is allowed during the recovery period. 

Breast implant surgery entails the insertion of external prostheses under the pectoral muscle or on top of it, depending on the medical indication and the patient’s anatomy, lifestyle, and desires. This means that after the procedure, the body needs time to heal after the surgical trauma, and the tissues of the breasts need to adjust to the new prostheses inserted and stretching them. A sensation of tension, as well as pain and discomfort, are normal to be experienced by patients over the first few days. Following the recommendations of the plastic surgeon will help you have a smooth and fast recovery, improve the results that can be achieved, and minimize the risks.

In the first few days post-op, the patient is advised to walk around the house every couple of hours, take pain medication as well as antibiotics, resume eating gradually and choosing healthy options, and wearing the compression bra that is mandatory. 

Each patient heals at a different pace. For example, I had a patient who had breast implant surgery in the morning and ten to twelve hours after was out shopping at the mall. At the same time, I had patients who found it difficult to resume certain activities even days after the surgery. Generally speaking, I advise all my patients not to push their luck and overdo it, even if they feel much better than expected. This means that pain medication should be taken as prescribed, even if you feel you don’t need them or can do without them. When the pain is manageable, the patient will feel more inclined to resume certain activities and walk, instead of spending most of the time in bed. 

Keeping a good balance between staying active and getting enough rest after surgery is important for the well-being of the patient. At the same time, it is important to mention that exercise after breast enhancement surgery should be avoided completely for a minimum of six to eight weeks post-op. Even if you feel healed and feel like you can resume all activities, certain things such as lifting weights before the implants have completely settled in their new environment can trigger complications, unnecessary pain, and other side effects that could be otherwise avoided. If the implants are placed under the pectoral muscle, the plastic surgeon might advise you to avoid exercise for longer when compared to having the implants placed under the mammary gland tissue. 


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