When exercising and diet fail liposuction is the solution

When exercising and diet fail liposuction is the solution

15th Dec 2017

There are cases when sports and diets are not enough for you to get the perfect body. According to the specialists, some people usually have a surplus of fat in the areas of the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks that can’t be eliminated no matter how hard you work at the gym or how many diets you try. Often enough, localized fat deposits can develop in various areas of the body. These deposits persist despite diets and exercising and contribute to the disproportionate appearance of the body.

To get rid of these fat deposits your only effective option is liposuction. You might have already noticed that when you lose weight, it happens all over your body, your breasts will become smaller and the same goes for the buttock and abdomen. But you will come to a point when you have reached your ideal weight but you are still confronted with unwanted localized fat deposits at the area of the abdomen, arms and thighs. If this is the case, you will be happy to find out that liposuction can successfully treat those areas, leaving you with the perfect body you have always dreamed of.

Let’s talk some more about liposuction:

Liposuction is not a substitute for a weight loss regimen

The specialists recommend that people who want to undergo the liposuction procedure should first undergo a diet and exercise program that works for them as liposuction does not replace the weight loss regimen. This intervention is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. Liposuction works by removing the excess adipose tissue and reshaping the body while creating a thinner silhouette. The procedure is not an efficient treatment for cellulite or obesity as its purpose is just to remodel the contour of the body by eliminating excess localized fat. More than this, it is important to know that the ideal candidates for the procedure will need to be in perfect health and mental condition and not suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Another prerequisite for the success of the intervention is an elastic skin and a good muscular tonus.

If you are planning to undergo liposuction because you were left with fat deposits and sagging skin on your abdomen after one or several pregnancies, it is crucial to discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon and allow him to properly evaluate your condition. If your abdomen muscles have stretched during pregnancy and now they are slack, a tummy tuck might be the recommended procedure for your case and not just liposuction.

Liposuction does not treat sagging skin, if more, it can actually accentuate it. A good skin quality is a must before any liposuction intervention.

You can get rid of localized fat deposits in maximum 2 hours

The surgical procedure can last for between one to two hours, depending on the areas that need treatment. Generally this intervention is performed under general anesthetic if we are talking about more than one area where liposuction needs to be performed on. For smaller surfaces such as the arms or the abdomen, local anesthetic will be considered.

Your plastic surgeon will explain that to remove the adipose tissue, several small incisions will be made. The incisions will be no more than 5 mm in diameter. The natural lines of the body will hide them and in a few months after the intervention, the incisions marks will be barely visible. Nevertheless, liposuction is still a plastic surgery intervention and the incisions will be permanent on your body, even if you will find it difficult to spot them after a while.

Before the fat harvesting procedure starts, the plastic surgeon will inject a liquid solution that performs the role of reducing bleeding and facilitating the removal of the adipose tissue. The fat extraction follows. The injection of the solution as well as the suction is performed with special instruments called cannulas. The cannulas are connected to a device that will suction the fat and liquid that is localized under the skin.

You can get back to work within days from the procedure

After a couple of days from the surgery you will be able to resume your daily activities and even have short walks around the house. The plastic surgeons recommend strolling a day after the intervention to prevent the formation of blood clots. You will be wearing a girdle for at least two or three weeks after liposuction to ensure your comfort and offer support for your body while the incisions are healing. The pain after the liposuction is mild and akin to what you feel after an intensive workout at the gym. Your pain will be easily manageable with the help of antalgic medication that will be prescribed by the doctor before you leave the medical facility. A few days after the intervention you will be able to drive your car and in maximum two weeks after the procedure, you can return to work. To avoid unwanted complications, it is recommended to avoid physical activities for at most four weeks after the procedure.

The plastic surgeons and the other patients will tell you that you can notice a significant improvement in your body shortly after liposuction. The final result will be visible in approximately three months, when the swelling and bruising will disappear on its own.

Liposuction does not prevent future weight gain

Some consider liposuction as a free pass to eat whenever, whatever, but this is not the case. After the procedure, the plastic surgeon will recommend a healthy and balanced lifestyle in order to maintain the results of the intervention. While liposuction permanently removes the adipose cells from the area treated, it is important for the patient to understand that liposuction does not prevent an ulterior weight gain.

If you will put on weight after the procedure was performed, it will be deposited all over your body or based on your genetics make-up, some will put more fat on the thighs and buttocks while others will develop adipose deposits on the upper part of their body, especially on the abdomen and flanks. To be able to maintain the results of the procedure it is important to make healthy lifestyle choices and keep a stable weight.

Liposuction does not cure stretch marks and cellulite

As we have mentioned before, liposuction is not the best solution for you if you have poor skin quality as the procedure counts on the skin’s ability to retract beautifully in order to achieve impressive results.

Stretch marks and cellulite are usually a sign of a poor skin quality. We had patients coming in and requesting the liposuction procedure as they were convinced it would take care of the cellulite and stretch marks on their body. This couldn’t be further away from the truth and I will explain exactly what this is. Stretch marks are created when the skin stretches and the collagen fiber gets broken. Unfortunately once this happens, we can’t really cure it with cosmetic solutions. The only procedure that is known to work on stretch marks is the tummy tuck, and it has its limitations too. The tummy tuck is designed to eliminate the sagging skin on the abdomen, especially on the inferior side of the belly. If you have stretch marks that are positioned there, chances are they will be eliminated with the excess skin too. But if the stretch marks are positioned in a location where the skin won’t be removed, they will stay in their position.

Unlike the tummy tuck, liposuction does not remove excess skin, but only harvests the fat deposits from under the skin. In some cases this can even lead to a more accentuated aspect of the cellulite and has no effect on the stretch marks once or ever.


When exercising and diets fail to provide impressive results on localized body fat, there is a solution in the form of liposuction. The plastic surgery procedure is designed to reshape the contour of your body by getting rid of the obnoxious fat deposits on the areas like the abdomen, arms, thighs and even the buttock.

Many of our patients have spent hours in the gym or eating as little as possible with the hope that one day the localized fat will disappear, but it never happened. It is very difficult to address a localized fat deposit with exercising and next to impossible with diets.

Even if liposuction can be an amazing solution that will sculpt your body into the shape you have always wanted, it is important to know that it can’t take care of cellulite, sagging skin or stretch marks. More than this, having a good skin elasticity is a prerequisite before the procedure is performed. After liposuction, the plastic surgeon will recommend that you wear a girdle to ensure support for the body and help the skin retract beautifully. Not wearing the girdle can have a negative impact on your recovery period as well as the results of the intervention.

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