Expectations after buttock enhancement procedure

Expectations after buttock enhancement procedure

19th Oct 2016

buttock enhancementWe see Kim Kardashian wearing those tight bodycon dresses that look just fabulous on her curvaceous body, and we think that a buttock enhancement procedure will give us the same look. Our fascination with celebrity buttocks probably started with J. Lo and her world-famous behind. Then Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé came along. Lately, Serena Williams has joined the list of celebrities with the most wanted buttocks, but she has quite a big behind that would be difficult to achieve even with the help of plastic surgery.

What to expect after a buttock enhancement?

Before discussing things in more detail, it is important to understand that you can’t fill a drawer with more than it can take, because you won’t be able to close it after. The results after the buttock enhancement procedure depend on each patient’s anatomy, the skin on the bottom, and also the method used. Usually, if you want buttocks bigger than your anatomy can support, you will need to go through multiple procedures—at least two.

Women think of buttock enhancement procedures as the Holy Grail of the plastic surgery world, as this area can’t be easily modified or remodeled with exercise or diets. In most cases, if you want an improvement in this area, plastic surgery is the only thing that can actually help you. And while you will be able to see impressive results, this does not mean that after a buttock enhancement procedure you will be the proud owner of your favorite celebrity’s bottom.

Setting up realistic expectations before the procedure is performed is crucial to avoid disappointment later on. Each individual has a particular body shape and frame, and the surgeon performing the buttock enhancement procedure will need to consider this before anything else. When it comes to plastic surgery and related methods and procedures, it should be all about balance, proportions, and moderation. We have seen multiple cases of the disadvantages of excess, and unless you are willing to take the risk to get a disproportionate body, you will listen to the recommendations of your doctor.
Before the procedure is scheduled, your doctor will discuss the expectations with you and suggest an optimal solution depending on your body’s characteristics. For example, if you would like a rounder shape for your buttocks and you are rather thin with limited fat resources, the doctor will probably recommend implants. If your buttocks are fighting a losing battle with gravity after losing weight or because of the natural process of aging, an autologous fat transfer or an actual excisional buttock lift might be the best option for you, or even a combination of the two procedures.

Our suggestion is always to consider the doctor’s recommendations regarding both the method and the size. Maybe you won’t have Kim Kardashian’s buttocks, but you will have a bottom that looks great for your body type and frame.

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