Expectations after the breast reduction procedure

Expectations after the breast reduction procedure

07th May 2016

Maintaining realistic expectations is very important when it comes to the breast reduction procedure. If you are seeking a breast reduction, it is very important for you to know all the details, including what to expect right after the surgery, at home, and at work.

When the effects of the sedation used during the breast reduction procedure subside and you regain consciousness, you will see that your breasts have been dressed and a cannula has been attached to the surgical site. Don’t panic; this is absolutely normal and a part of the breast reduction procedure. While the bandage allows you to recover and keeps your breasts intact, the cannula drains away bloodstained fluids from the surgical site.

Right after the procedure, you will also experience pain, irritation, and other similar discomfort. Your doctor may administer medications to relieve it. After two days, the cannula attached to your breasts may be removed and your surgeon may allow you to go home.

After you return home, you will need to rest and avoid engaging in strenuous activities. You will also need to keep the bandage intact and follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions strictly. When you should get the bandage removed depends largely on how fast your surgical wound heals. Your stitches will be removed, or they’ll melt down within two weeks.

During your first follow-up visit to your plastic surgeon, your surgeon will evaluate your healing speed and advise you about when you can recommence work and return to your normal routine. If you have a desk job, you may be able to resume work within a week after the surgery, with the approval of your plastic surgeon.

No matter how quickly you recover, you should not engage in active or high-endurance exercise and sports activities like weightlifting for at least six weeks after the breast reduction procedure. Moreover, you will be required to wear a sports bra that supports your breasts.

It is also advised that you avoid driving for as long as you experience pain or any other form of discomfort after the breast reduction procedure. Wearing a seatbelt can create additional pain and discomfort for you.

After the breast reduction procedure, you will see red scars around the incision. This is absolutely normal and a result of your body’s natural healing process. The scars will gradually change color to purple seven weeks after the surgery and then fade away by turning white in the following months. Scars will not completely disappear, but will become less visible over time.

You should also be aware of the risk of infections and complications after the breast reduction procedure. Your surgeon will provide instructions for caring for the wound and preventing infection. You may also get a prescription for antibiotics. If you feel or see any abnormal changes in your surgical wound, you should see your surgeon immediately.


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