Exploring the options for fat removal from the body

Exploring the options for fat removal from the body

07th Jul 2017

Most people are conscious about the shape and silhouette of their body. Due to their desire to look fit and attractive, they do their best to remove any excess fat. This is possible through regular exercise and a proper diet. For some people, however, fats cannot be easily removed. These people resort to surgeries to solve their dilemma.

There are different methods for removing fat from the body. The most popular of all is the minimally invasive liposuction surgical procedure. It involves siphoning the fat through a cannula, which accesses the body through a very small incision. The cannula is a small tube that is inserted into the body to remove the subcutaneous fat.

Despite the popularity of liposuction, there are still alternative ways to remove the fat from the body. Nonsurgical options include the use of ultrasound or cold energy to wound the fat cells, making them removable. Through these procedures, the surgeon can target specific areas of the body to remove in order to enhance the contour of the body.

In the ultrasound nonsurgical fat removal procedure, ultrasound energy will melt the fat. The ultrasound energy will focus solely on the fat cells, limiting the damage to just the fat cells. The skin and the tissue of the targeted area will not be injured during the process. The damaged fat cells will be reabsorbed by the body.

Cold energy, which freezes the fat cells, can be used to damage the fat cells. This method is called cryolipolysis. Just like the ultrasound, it focuses only on the fat cells, leaving everything in the targeted area except for the fat cells unharmed. The frozen fat cells will die before they are reabsorbed by the body. Patients may require more than one treatment for the desired amount of fat to be removed from a specific area.

The nonsurgical fat removal options are recommended for people with deposits of fat that cannot be removed by exercise or dieting. Many patients choose nonsurgical options because incisions are not required and it is strictly an outpatient procedure. However, nonsurgical procedures may require multiple sessions before it produces the desired results. Although rare, patients may acquire small burn marks on the targeted areas. There may also be redness or numbness on the treatment sites after the procedure.

The ideal patients for these types are in relatively good shape, and they simply want to remove the deposits or bulges of fat on their body. It is also a great procedure for those want to avoid invasive surgical procedures without ruling out body contouring altogether.

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