How Facial Fillers Help You

How Facial Fillers Help You

20th Dec 2013

As we age, our body undergoes different changes, and most of them are unwanted. Along with stress and other environmental factors, we develop extra fat, sagging skin, and the ever loathed wrinkles. Since how our face looks is essentially important, especially to women, it is not unusual that they tend to lose confidence over how they presently look. However, technology has brought a solution to that.

What are facial fillers?

Also known as “injectables” or “dermal fillers”, facial fillers are substances that can be administered through injection to specific areas of the face. They can be temporary or long-lasting solutions, depending on the treatment chosen. Facial fillers are the answer to the loss of facial fullness and the stubborn development of wrinkles. These substances soften noticeable facial lines, restoring facial fullness and volume in the process. It can be a non-surgical procedure through injectable fillers that can restore your face back into its younger-looking and fresher appearance.

Other effects of facial fillers

By using injectable fillers, one can achieve plumper lips, enhanced shallow contours, softening of recessed scares, and decrease in the amount of facial creases and wrinkles. Depending on the type of facial filler used, these outcomes can be temporary, usually lasting only for a few months to a year. However, optimal results may be achieved if additional treatment sessions are taken.

Patient recovery

The procedure will only require very little time, allowing patients to go back to work and other daily activities even right after treatment. However, it might be advised to patients to avoid strenuous activities and extreme sun exposure during the first 24 hours after treatment.

There are a variety of fillers available for patients, which include Juvederm, prosilk, and the likes. To know what’s best for you, consult Dr. Wilfredo Cortes, a facial and body plastic surgeon trained to safely administer facial fillers in Conroe over the years.

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