Factors that can alter the results achieved with bbl

Factors that can alter the results achieved with bbl

01st Feb 2020


A procedure that is very modern and seen like a dream come true for many women all over the world, the Brazilian butt lift entails the use of fat collected from areas of the body and its reinjection into the buttocks. The butt will be shapelier, rounder and more appealing after the procedure, not to mention the lifting effect that can be achieved due to the added volume. 

The procedure is safe, and eligible patients find it not overly painful or uncomfortable. The procedure is performed with the patient under general anesthesia as it can last more hours. The hospitalization period is short, and patients can start the recovery period at home. The major discomfort associated with undergoing a Brazilian butt lift is the three-week period during which patients are not allowed to sleep on their back or sit on their buttocks. This is one of the most important things that you should do immediately after the procedure to maximize your chances of getting good results. Here are some other factors that can alter the results achieved with the BBL:


–    Smoking

When it comes to fat transfer procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift is, avoiding smoking for a minimum of three weeks before and after the surgery is essential for the success of the procedure. Patients who smoke have an increased risk of developing complications after the procedure such as fat necrosis and even the death of the fat cells that were transferred. The initial recovery period is crucial to get satisfactory results, so avoiding smoking is very important. Smoking can lead to a lack of proper oxygenation of the tissue and also a delay in creating a new blood network that is necessary to help the fat cells transferred to survive.

The plastic surgeon will advise you to stop smoking three weeks before the procedure and continue to be smoke-free for at least the same amount of time afterwards.


–    Weight fluctuations

While some might tend to believe that there is nothing wrong in putting on a few pounds after undergoing the Brazilian butt lift, this might actually alter the results. Keep in mind that the Brazilian butt lift is a 2-in-1 procedure and it combines liposuction on the areas with an excess of fat with a fat transfer to the buttocks. When weight gain occurs, chances are the areas which were not targeted with liposuction will be affected first. This means that the patient can get an abnormal shape of the body with fat accumulating in different areas. At the same time, even if the fat will also accumulate in the buttocks and making it bigger, we can’t predict the final shape of the rear end, so it is better to avoid weight fluctuations altogether.


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