Facts about breast implants

Facts about breast implants

17th May 2017

Despite the high success rate and impressive results that breast surgery brings, you should still research all the facts before undergoing this procedure. Here are some facts about breast implants that you should know.

First of all, the results of the breast implants procedure will not be the same for all women. Even if you know someone who had great results because of the surgery, you cannot expect that the results will be exactly the same for you. Each body is different, and this applies to breasts as well. There are different factors that will affect the appearance of your new breasts. It is not only based on the size of the implants, but the initial appearance of the breasts is integral to the result.

There are different kinds of breast implants available in the market today. There are saline-filled ones and silicone gel filled implants. These two types of implants are approved by the FDA and are regulated that is why it is considered as a safe implant to use on the breasts. They are also available in different sizes and different shapes.

Breast implants can still cause complications, despite their FDA approval. It is possible that the implants can get infected and if it is not treated immediately, the infection can become severe enough as to cause death. There are also other complications that can develop due to its presence such as capsular contracture, breast pain, breast numbness, necrosis and other cosmetic problems. Aside from the benefits of the implants, the surgery itself can be the cause of the complications. It is a major surgery and should only be done on healthy individuals to ensure a proper recovery.

There are different breast augmentation surgeries where implants are used, in addition to different types of incisions that can be used in order to place the implants and shape the breast properly. The type of incision that is done for you may be different from others because that is what is needed for your breasts. Similarly, there are also different implants that can be used depending on the results that you want to achieve and the type of breasts that you possess.

A complication of silicone gel implants is that they may break or leak. This may be due to a variety of reasons, but when leakage does occur, the leaked silicone can migrate to other areas in the body. Having a leaking breast implant is a serious complication and should be dealt with immediately to prevent it from going to other areas of the body where it can cause damage to the patient’s health.

Due to the possibility of leakage, it must be noted that the implants don’t last for a lifetime. Although the implants available today are designed for their durability, there is still a chance of deterioration. The breast implants can last for many years, but there is no guarantee that they will last for a lifetime. Replacing your implants may be necessary in the future.


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