Is fat grafting more dangerous than silicone implants?

Is fat grafting more dangerous than silicone implants?

09th Aug 2017

Like other plastic surgeries, fat grafting comes with a host of risks and potential complications in addition to some impressive benefits. While the procedure entails risks, some people consider it more dangerous than silicone implants. However, the reality is otherwise. There is no doubt that fat grafting entails some unique risks; however, it is not any more dangerous than silicone implants. In fact, fat grafting is popular for its safety record.

During the fat grafting procedure, your own body fat is used to enhance your breasts. This mitigates risk of an adverse reaction of your immune system to the fat injected in your breasts. On the other hand, silicone implants are foreign objects, which means that there is a greater risk of negative immune response once the implants are placed inside the breasts.

The risks associated with fat grafting are lesser in number and not very significant in intensity. Below are some of the risks the fat grafting surgery entails:

  • Cysts formation: Oil cysts may be created at the surgical site after fat grafting. In order to treat the condition, a needle aspiration may be needed.
  • Infection: Like other surgical procedures, fat grafting comes with the risk of infections. Using precautionary measures and safe methods during and after the surgery can reduce this risk.
  • Microcalcification: During or after the surgery, the fat recipient area may experience microcalcification. This can trigger irregularity in the skin.
  • Necrosis: This occurs when some of the fat injected into your breast may die. This can result in surface irregularity and the emergence of bumps on the body.

In addition to the risks mentioned above, there is a probability that the fat cells injected to the breasts may be reabsorbed into the body and your breasts may lose its volume. This condition would require an additional, but a minor procedure to balance the loss of fat.

As compared to the silicone implants, fat grafting is a safer way to enhance your breasts. There is no risk of implant leak and rupture in fat grafting because unlike other fat enhancement surgeries, it doesn’t involve the placement of implants inside of your breasts.

The good news is that unlike silicone implants, the fat grafting procedure creates relatively lesser swelling, pain and discomfort. The recovery time of fat grafting is also shorter compared to that of silicone implants.

The risk of being dissatisfied with the end results of plastic surgery is common in all plastic surgery procedures. The same holds true in fat grafting breast augmentation. However, fat grafting can boasts of a long roster of satisfied patients. The results of breast enhancement with your own body fat deliver better and more natural results. Your breasts will have natural movement and contour after the surgery.

Despite the fact that breast augmentation via fat grafting is safer than silicone implants, you should still thoroughly discuss this procedure with your surgeon because the risks of plastic surgery procedure differ from patient to patient. It is very important to choose only a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your fat grafting surgery. Not doing so will considerably increase the risks, making this surgery more dangerous than silicone implants for you.

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