Fat grafting to remodel the butt

Fat grafting to remodel the butt

10th Aug 2019


If there was a time when people considered the breasts as the one and only feature that could make or break a woman’s aesthetic appearance, nowadays it is more about curves, proportions, and harmony, and the buttocks are also thought to be another feature representative of femininity and sex appeal. 

The most popular method for butt augmentation is now fat grafting. The procedure is also known as the Brazilian butt lift or butt lipofilling. The fat grafting method is very different in terms of the surgical plan followed and the results achieved compared to butt implant surgery. However, most patients resort to this procedure as it delivers amazing results with no complications associated with the use of an external prostheses. 

Fat grafting is mostly used to remodel the butt, and it is important to mention that one single session of fat transfer rarely delivers a considerable augmentation. When the procedure is performed, there is a limited amount of fat that can be extracted with liposuction, often no more than six to seven liters of fat. But not all the fat collected from the donor areas are to be injected into the buttocks as a certain percentage will be lost during the purification process. The purification process uses a centrifuge to eliminate fat cells that are damaged, along with blood and other impurities. If six liters of fat were extracted during liposuction, the plastic surgeon would end up with about two liters for the fat transfer, but this happens only in ideal cases. The plastic surgeon should be highly talented and experienced as well as board-certified, otherwise most of the fat extracted can be compromised if the plastic surgeon doesn’t know how to conduct liposuction.

Fat grafting to remodel the butt is a procedure preferred by women with an excess of fat on the midline and even the legs or the back as these unwanted adipose deposits are eliminated when butt lipofilling is performed.

When injecting the fat harvested from the donor areas, the plastic surgeon will address all areas of the buttocks, not only the upper part like butt implants do. Depending on the anatomical characteristics of the patient, the condition of the buttock tissue and also the patient’s aesthetic expectations, the plastic surgeon will inject fat in the upper part of the buttocks, but also the lower part and the sides. Multiple incisions are performed to insert the special syringe used for the fat grafting. However, scarring is not an issue to be worried about as the incisions are often no more than a few millimeters and barely visible if the cicatrization process goes smoothly. 

Fat grafting to remodel the butt is a good idea for patients who understand the discomforts associated with the recovery process as the patients are required not to sit or lie directly on their buttocks for a minimum of three weeks or more.


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