Fat transfer

05th Aug 2016

Statistically, it has been determined that most women are not born with the hourglass shape. Only 10% of women have this shape that defines a beautiful body. There are only a few surgical techniques that will recreate the hourglass shape, but one of the most powerful is fat transfer to the hips. If we look at how women’s bodies distribute fat, it is very common for them to gain weight in the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks; so, the hips are an area where fat should be transferred to get the best shape.

Fat transfer is a procedure where liposuction is used to harvest fat from any area where you have excessive fat, then the fat is processed and reinjected in other areas for a more proportionate body. One of the areas that I like to remodel is the hip area. I inject fat to increase the width of the hips and provide a better hip-to-waist ratio. Fat transfer can be combined with the hourglass tummy tuck technique, where fat is removed from the abdomen and then injected in the hip area to provide a better shape and a nicer body profile.

If you look at these pictures, this patient had an hourglass tummy tuck. Notice the difference in the hip-to-waist ratio. In the next picture, you can see the hourglass hip procedure, where only liposuction was performed to provide a hourglass shape. Many times, these procedures are also combined with buttock augmentation. There are many different techniques that I use, depending on your needs and skin tone, among other things.

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