Fat transfer hips

05th Aug 2016

There is no question that the hourglass shape defines the sexy body silhouette for women. Surprisingly, only 10% of women have this shape; that means that 90% of women are born without the wide hips and silhouette that define the beautiful female body. One way to correct this is by performing the hourglass hip procedure.

The width of your hips after the procedure will vary depending on some anatomical factors. If you look at the hip anatomy, this area is defined by the hip bone and a line that crosses the pubic thigh junction. If we dissect the area around the hip, it is mainly fat. You are going to find muscle that attaches to the pelvic bone, but it does not play as much of a role in defining the hips as the actual fat around the hip area. The main determinant of how wide your hips can get after fat transfer is the tightness of your skin in that specific area. The thickness of the fat layer also determines how wide your hips can get, because you need to have a certain potential space to inject the fat; the thinner the fat layer, the less anatomical area there is to increase the hips to the size you want.

Let’s take a look at different hourglass hip procedures that I have performed. This particular patient had an hourglass tummy tuck; because her skin was slightly loose and she had enough fat, this allowed me to scope the hip area in such a way that recreating an hourglass shape of different sizes was possible. If we look at a patient who had a very tight hip area or moderate tightness in the hip area, we notice that the hourglass shape is much less pronounced than in somebody with looser skin. It is really important to determine the tightness of your hip skin and soft tissue envelope. This can easily be determined during your consultation. Based on my experience performing physical exams in these areas, I can anticipate how wide your hips are going to be after surgery. In patients that have very tight skin, attempting to add more fat than your hip area will accept will cause the fat to shift up and down, altering the shape.

It is important to have a clear understanding of the anatomical factors that limit how wide your hips can get. Remember, not everybody can have wide hips. Most women can have an hourglass shape, but your body will determine how curvy you are going to be.

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