Fat transfer or breast implants: Which is safer for the patient?

Fat transfer or breast implants: Which is safer for the patient?

15th Jan 2021

The breasts can have a deep impact on a woman’s psyche. Breasts that are of a good volume and proportionate to the rest of the body are considered sexy and alluring while small breasts can be associated with a lack of femininity. 

Many women with small breasts don’t feel sexy enough and have developed different emotional complexes as a result of their body image. Feeling good in your own skin is important to have a good quality of life, and we have multiple studies showing that a good self-image can lead to increased productivity, a more successful social and professional life, and so on. 

The good news is that nowadays we have the help of plastic surgery to increase the size of the breasts when they are too small. Underdeveloped breasts can be corrected only with the help of surgery, and there are no other methods that will help patients get bigger breasts despite the abundance of creams, pills, potions, and massages that promise to deliver exactly this. 

To increase the size of the breasts visibly and in the long-term, plastic surgery is required. There are two methods available for breast augmentation nowadays. One procedure is called breast lipofilling, and it entails harvesting fat cells from areas of the body with an excess of adipose tissue and transferring them to the breasts. The other procedure is often associated with breast augmentation, and it is called breast implant surgery. This procedure entails the use of external medical implants that are inserted into the breasts to add more volume to the area.

When augmenting the breasts, patients will be offered details about both procedures. The plastic surgeon will ask about your goals and expectations from the surgery and also perform a medical examination on your body before recommending one procedure or the other. While breast lipofilling is considered to be less risky than implants, the results achieved with this procedure are not as significant compared to implants. When we use implants, we can more efficiently control not only the size of the breasts but also their shape, which in some cases might be very important. 

Patients sometimes ask which procedure is safer: fat transfer or breast implants. Generally speaking, both procedures are associated with certain risks and complications. Breast implant surgery entails more potential complications because it makes use of external devices. Aside from the complications normally associated with general anesthesia and the surgical procedure, there are also possible complications associated with the use of implants such as implant rippling, capsular contracture, implant rupture, or leaking.  However, this doesn’t actually mean that the procedure is less safe for the patient.

Both procedures are safe and efficient and entail different levels of risks as they also deliver very different results. The plastic surgeon will recommend the right surgical plan for your particular case.

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