Fat transfer recovery things to do

04th Oct 2018

The hourglass fat transfer involves removal of fat from the localized areas of your body and grafting of the fat into the hips and butt so you can achieve a smaller waist-to-hip ratio. There are many patients who are considering the hourglass fat transfer and are curious about the recovery time, pain, and discomforts after the surgery.
After the procedure, the patient is required to go through a complete recovery process. The primary recovery period would last for 2-3 weeks after the procedure; however, you need to be careful for at least 5-6 weeks after the intervention.
The recovery period is extremely important to the achievement of the desired aesthetic results. You will be told to wear compression garments for a few weeks after the intervention. This is very important and you must make sure to wear the garments for the recommended time period.
The first two days following the intervention may be painful and discomforting for some patients, depending on their pain tolerance level. Though the pain will be mild and can be managed with oral pain relief medications for most, some patients may experience increased and prolonged pain.
The pain is concentrated in the areas from where fat is removed. You would not experience any pain in your butt and hips. If the pain becomes intense and prolongs, your doctor may prescribe IV pain medications.
The first two weeks of the recovery process can be discomforting in terms of resting, sleeping, sitting, and moving. During this time, you will be required to spend most of your time resting in bed. You would not be allowed to sit and sleep or rest on your back for the first two weeks. Undue pressure on the hips and butt will damage the fat grafts, which will spoil the achieved aesthetic improvements.
You can resume work two weeks after the surgery; however, do not engage in physically intensive activities at work for the first six weeks after the surgery. When you finally resume sitting, make sure to place a rolled towel under your hamstring muscle so the pressure is kept off your butt and hips. The same holds true when it comes to driving. Be sure not to drive for three weeks after the surgery and avoid driving while you are under medication.
Remember, the more careful you are during the recovery process, the better the aesthetic results of the hourglass fat transfer would be.

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