Fat Transfer to Achieve the Hourglass Shape

23rd Jun 2017

I have developed to help women my very own signature procedure called the hourglass hip procedure. As you may have noticed, the hourglass has been the most coveted body in the world today. Celebrities have started the trend of “the curvier the better,” which is why more women are opting for surgery to get the hourglass body.
Nevertheless, while the hourglass fat transfer procedure may deliver you the curvy and voluptuous body that you want, it is still dependent on the aesthetic condition of your body.

In this video, I will show you what the hourglass hip procedure entails and how it can help give you the body of your dreams.

First of all, an hourglass body means you will have a smaller waist, wider hips and bigger buttocks. The overall silhouette will be curvy in all the right places. For most patients, only fat transfer is needed to achieve most of the hourglass body features.
These are the major steps involved in the hourglass fat transfer procedure:
1. Fat extraction from the abdomen, sides, flanks, and upper back
2. Purification of the fat
3. Fat grafting in the buttocks and hips

Liposuction is done in order to extract the fat from target areas, which is usually in the abdominal area. The goal is not only to remove fat, but also shape it. By doing so, you will have a smaller, voluptuous and youthful waist. While this procedure seems easy, it actually requires the use of specialized techniques and approaches.

Afterwards, the fat retrieved is processed and purified to separate the healthiest fat cells from the rest. The surgeon will separate the healthy fat cells from the impurities, fluids, damaged fat cells, and blood. This process ensures that only the best fat cells will be transferred to your hips.
Once all this is done, the extracted fat cells are then injected into the hips using special needles. You will be relying heavily on the aesthetic sense of the surgeon during this step as they graft the fat into the buttocks and hips. This is important because the amount of fat inserted into your body greatly affects the final results.
Based on my personal experience as a surgeon, I rely on the following factors: my sense of aesthetics of the female body, knowledge, experience and artistic skills to create a curvaceous body. This is what differentiates the hourglass hip procedure from the traditional fat transfer.
Nevertheless, what is important is that, at the end of the procedure, all the typical features of the hourglass body figure are achieved. This means the hips are made wider, while the waist is smaller. Because of this, I ensure that there is always balance and proportion with each injection of the extracted fat into the buttocks and hips. With this in mind, it is clear that not all plastic surgeons can help you achieve the hourglass body because it is not just a technical procedure. Remember, the hourglass procedure requires an artistic doctor.

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