Fat transfer to the buttocks and cellulite

Fat transfer to the buttocks and cellulite

14th Jan 2019

Fat Transfer To The Buttocks And Cellulite


Cellulite is a skin condition that affects mostly women of different ages. If up until a few years ago it was believed that cellulite and stretch marks are the signs of a skin that has lost tonus and elasticity due to the natural aging process, nowadays this myth was busted as we can see cellulite and stretch marks even in teenagers.

Not all areas of the body are affected by cellulite, or at least not in the same manner. For example, we rarely see cellulite on the breasts, but it is very common for the condition to be present in the buttocks. Actually, chances are you have seen a woman in leggings or some light summer attire and noticed how the cellulite on her buttocks was making her appearance unsightly and not very sexy.

While cellulite is not a health condition per se, it can certainly affect the life of the women confronted with it, mostly due to the emotional effects caused by the unpleasant appearance of the skin. The areas commonly affected by cellulite are the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, and cellulite can be present in different degrees in these areas.

The causes of cellulite are still debated and not fully known and explained. So far, we know there is a connection between unbalanced or extreme diets, sedentary lifestyle, high body fat index, hormonal imbalances and the occurrence of cellulite.

Many women confronted with unpleasant-looking cellulite are looking for treatment options. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a treatment to correct cellulite permanently and work on all patients. Of course, different types of therapies are advertised, and some of them can provide good results, but none of them works in magical ways. These therapies can give spectacular results in some cases, and the same therapies can be completely ineffective in other cases.

Patients ask about the effects on whether cellulite can occur after a fat transfer to the buttocks. The plastic surgeon will evaluate the skin condition of the buttocks prior to the surgery, during the initial consultation. If there are signs of cellulite or poor skin tonus on the buttocks, chances are the skin will be the same after the procedure is performed. In severe cases of cellulite, there are few chances for fat transfer to improve the condition; however, wearing the compression garments for the recommended period of time can make cellulite less visible.

Unfortunately, there is little guarantee that the plastic surgeon can give you about cellulite and fat transfer. You should also know that cellulite can be accentuated or improved in areas of the body that act as donor areas for the procedure. Cellulite occurring after fat transfer is not related to the plastic surgeon’s talents and abilities. If cellulite occurs after the procedure, it actually means the patient was confronted with a certain level of cellulite even before the procedure, and the condition was only accentuated after the surgery was performed.


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