Fat transfer to the hips to achieve the hourglass shape

Fat transfer to the hips to achieve the hourglass shape

11th Aug 2017

A woman who has an hourglass shaped body is very attractive in the eyes of both men and women. The proportion of the slim waist to the much larger bust and hips is something that many women aim to have. Some women are naturally curvy, and through the help of corsets, exercise, and proper nutrition, they are able to achieve the hourglass silhouette easily. Unfortunately, this is not the case for others. They just cannot get this shape no matter what they do so they turn to plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can help the body become curvier and have a better appearance.

One of the most common plastic surgeries being done today is the fat transfer procedure. The fat is harvested from different parts of the body where fat is abundant, such as the tummy, thighs and arms. Afterwards, it is injected into the part of the body you want to be plumper, usually the breast, buttocks or hips.

Having fat transferred to one part of the body to another helps in sculpting the body to a curvier silhouette. This is especially true if you already have a large bust and slim waist. All that needs to be done is to accentuate the slim waist by enhancing the size and shape of the hips. For some, fat transfer may be enough to achieve the hourglass shape, but others may still find the result of the fat transfer too miniscule for their taste. Getting butt or breast implants are other alternatives if the patient really wishes to make their buttocks or breasts more prominent.

Nonetheless, the fat transfer procedure involves aggressive liposuction of the waist from the front and the back to make the waist look really small. The fat will then be transferred to the buttocks and the hips. Having larger hips makes the waist appear smaller. Those who wish to do this must have an adequate amount of fat to really make a visible enhancement on their figure.

Fat transfer may be the perfect solution for certain people. This simply depends on the current shape of your body because you may not need to change your body to a great extent. If you really want to achieve this sexy figure, it would be best to find a surgeon that you trust and tell them exactly what you want. They may suggest the fat transfer method as well as other surgical procedures that would help you achieve this look. It is up to you to communicate with your surgeon and let them know exactly what you want, so that you are not disappointed with the results.

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