Fat transfer with buttock implant and importance of the aesthetic units

Fat transfer with buttock implant and importance of the aesthetic units

13th Mar 2017

There is a huge misconception of the role of buttock augmentation with implants and how this is going to result in an hourglass shape. Buttock augmentation with implants would only provide you projection. If you are a patient without a buttock shape, the implant itself is not going all of a sudden create an A shape or an hourglass shape, and we go back to the concept of the aesthetic units of the buttock. The central buttock aesthetic unit will be corrected with an implant, and the main thing that is going to do is provide projection. Of note is that the gluteal triangle lateral part of the buttock, inferior gluteal fold, and the ischial areas are not improved with buttock implant. As a matter of fact, if these areas are not paid attention, then you can develop certain aesthetic complications like visibility of the implant mainly on the side of the buttock. When I perform a buttock implant, I put the implant in an intramuscular plane. Subsequently, liposuction is performed in all these areas including the gluteal triangle and the lower back, as well as fat transfer to the lateral aesthetic unit and inferior aesthetic unit, as well as superiorly. Notice that when you put an implant, the implant essentially is going to enhance whatever buttocks you have. Fat distribution in the buttocks is very unique to the patient. Sometimes, you have more fat in the bottom part than on the top part and this is where fat transfer comes in handy, because the implant is not going to create an equal distribution of the fat for a good result. This is the reason that I inject fat in the superior, lateral, and inferior part of the buttocks. This will decrease palpability and visibility of the implant and it will blend all the aesthetic unit with the central aesthetic unit for a very nice result. You need to understand that an implant without fat is a very bad idea. The implant itself is just going to solve the issue in just one aesthetic unit, but that does not necessarily mean that you are going to have the hourglass shape with the projection that you want and the fat distribution that recreates and blend the surrounding aesthetic unit. I always combine both procedures, and fat transfer is very handy to ultimately give if you the shape and results that you want


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