Fight Facial Aging with Effective Facial Fillers in Houston

Fight Facial Aging with Effective Facial Fillers in Houston

28th Mar 2013

Whether you anticipated it or not, there is a point in your life when developments on your facial skin may not be to your liking. When the factors of aging, genetics and lifestyle come together, the combined effect on your facial skin can manifest through wrinkles, hardened facial creases and loss of facial fullness. There is no need to panic. You are not alone to have suffered such skin irregularities. To remedy these facial concerns, there are two diverging options to choose: surgery and non-surgical treatment.

Depending on your specific skin problems and cosmetic desires, both surgical and non-surgical options can very well improve your total look and bring back the confidence that you temporarily lost. Understandably, both options have their respective share of pros and cons. And such choice of one option over the other should take cognizance of your personal aesthetic goals and the recommendation of your chosen surgeon. If the surgical risks and potential complications are too much for you, then perhaps facial fillers are the next viable alternative to surgical operations.

At his Houston Clinic, Dr. Wilberto G. Cortés offers different brands of treatment fillers known for their enhancing and rejuvenating performance to facial skin problems. The Board-Certified Surgeon is passionate in providing each patient the best possible aesthetic results – whether through surgical or non-surgical methods. Among the available facial fillers at Dr. Cortés’ Clinic include Juvederm and Prevelle.

Both brands of fillers are injectable gels which contain mainly of hyaluronic acid: a naturally produced substance by the human body. In view of this, the Juvederm and Prevelle gel fillers are absolutely safe for use and are, in fact, approved by the U.S. FDA. Aside from wrinkles and folds, these products are helpful in restoring lost facial volume and improving acne scars. Using very fine needles, these fillers are injected to make the skin smoother and finer in appearance. Dr. Cortés will assess your medical history and current skin condition to determine the most suitable facial fillers for you. Be straightforward in sharing your cosmetic goals during consultation with Dr. Cortés. Fight facial aging now with effective gel fillers!

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