Fighting the signs of aging with a butt lift

Fighting the signs of aging with a butt lift

16th Feb 2018

The buttocks represent an important and alluring feature of the feminine body and have always competed with the breasts in being touted as the icon of femininity and representation of a woman’s sex appeal. Until a few years ago, more women were getting more breast enhancement procedures. Not anymore. Latest data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that buttock interventions are the fastest growing types of plastic surgery in the US. Butt augmentation procedures have finally gone mainstream.

The butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes, lifts and contours the buttocks to achieve a youthful, sexy profile with an improved projection. There are several butt lift techniques that provide different results for the patients. Just like any other plastic surgery intervention, the right choice greatly depends on the needs and desires of each patient, as well as her current anatomy.

Due to the natural aging process and a sedentary lifestyle for some, we all have to face the reality of loose, sagging buttocks and other butt issues. Weight fluctuations also contribute to the loose skin on the buttocks or the unappealing banana roll. While no man can overtake time, one can hold off the insidious effects of time and aging on our buttocks with a surgical intervention like a butt lift procedure.

More about the butt lift intervention

The appearance and shape of the buttocks can be significantly improved by eliminating the excess skin that causes the flatness and sagginess.

The butt lift is a surgical intervention that excises the excess skin and fat to improve the butt area. It is a most effective procedure that can hold back the visible signs of aging in the buttocks as it can create a smoother, toned, and youthful looking buttocks.

The butt lift procedure is ideal for people who have lost considerable weight, have loose, sagging skin due to aging or people who simply wants to improve and enhance the appearance of the butt. You probably realized by now that physical exercises alone will not be enough to provide impressive results in the butt area, especially if sagging skin is present.

People who had buttocks liposuction procedure in the past are also good candidates for the butt lift since liposuction can leave behind unsightly excess skin that sags and need drastic lifting and tightening. This condition usually happens when the plastic surgeon did not properly evaluate the skin elasticity of the patient before performing the liposuction. Some plastic surgeons combine the butt lift with liposuction to reshape the area and deliver more striking results.

During the intervention, the plastic surgeon will make incisions above the buttocks after which, he will remove the excess sagging skin and fat tissue. The surgeon may also do body contouring liposuction to further improve the appearance of the buttocks as well as correct certain imperfections. Usually, the plastic surgeon will recommend that the butt lift be combined with a liposuction procedure when the fats in the buttocks area are abnormally distributed and disproportionate to the rest of the body. If not addressed with liposuction, those fats can diminish the aesthetic impact the intervention was supposed to deliver after surgery.

This type of plastic surgery intervention is performed under general anesthesia and usually lasts between two to four hours, depending on the complexity of the case. The patient can leave the medical facility within a few hours after waking up.

The post-operative period

A butt lift procedure can help you restore the youthful aspect of the buttocks, which looks tighter and firmer. When combined with liposuction, the results are more dramatic with shapely fullness and pleasing curves.

It bears repeating that the buttocks lose shape and volume resulting in unpleasant loose and sagging skin but this is simply a normal consequence of aging. Neither intense workouts nor extreme diets can reverse the inescapable effects of aging. The only unequivocally effective method to correct this is plastic surgery.

The butt lift is a delicate and complex procedure and after the intervention, the patient can expect normal side effects such as pain, numbing sensation, bruises and considerable swelling. Keep in mind these are all temporary. Pain medication and antibiotics will be prescribed to help you manage the pain and discomfort and prevent infections after the surgery.

It is highly important that people considering a butt procedure should know and understand that after surgery, sitting on the incision site is not allowed for a prescribed period. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to sleep on your stomach or the sides and warn you against lying flat on your back and the buttock area. Once the incisions are starting to heal, you can resume your daily activities as well as be allowed to sit, albeit with a booty buddy cushion, and not for prolonged periods until full recovery.

Since this is a major surgery, the initial recovery can take up to ten days. Avoid all kinds of strenuous physical exercises. A complete recovery is possible within four to six weeks from the intervention, depending on the complexity of the surgical procedure performed. However, it can take up to one year for the incisions to heal, mature and become less visible.


The butt lift procedure is one of the most popular and effective methods to reverse and eliminate the signs of aging from the buttocks area. Over time our buttocks lose shape and volume, skin becomes loose and saggy, stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise appear. These are all the natural consequence of aging.

More often than not, a butt lift is combined with liposuction to remove those unsightly adipose pockets that form with age on the upper side of the buttocks, which makes aging buttocks look square and boxy. When combining butt lift with liposuction, the plastic surgeon can change the shape of the area to some extent, even creating an hourglass contour with tinier waist and wider hips, if your anatomy allows it.

The results after the buttock lift procedure are generally long term, provided the patient makes the necessary lifestyle changes that will mean regular exercise and a balanced and nutritious diet. Keep in mind though that while a butt lift can effectively deliver youthful looking buttocks, down the road, the aging process cannot be totally avoided. It can be arrested temporarily but the clock does not stop ticking. As the line goes, “Time waits for no man”. Your buttocks will again be affected by the passage of time. That said, make the most, while you can.

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