Financing options for plastic surgery

Financing options for plastic surgery

19th Feb 2020


Plastic surgery today is certainly more affordable than it was a few decades ago, and the increase in the number of people undergoing different procedures testify to this. However, this doesn’t mean that plastic surgery is cheap. Undergoing plastic surgery is often not something that people can do with the money they earned last week. Most of the time, people wanting to resort to plastic surgery look for financing options. The good news is that now there are different financing options for plastic surgery, such as:


–    Savings account

What some patients do is decide they want to undergo plastic surgery in the future and start saving for it. You can have a pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon of your choice and find out what procedure is suitable for you and what would be the costs estimated, then you can start saving until you get enough money to pay for your surgery. This can take much less than you might think if you are dedicated to saving a little sum of money every week and you ask friends and family members to contribute to this account instead of getting you gifts for the holidays or your birthday. Depending on the cost of your procedure, it is possible to save all the money needed within six to twelve months. This way you can have plastic surgery and enjoy the results without having to pay for it later on.

–    A loan from family or friends

If some of your family members or friends can lend you the money you need for plastic surgery, you can certainly ask them. You can discuss reimbursements together that are satisfactory for both parties, and you can avoid many fees and commissions that you would have to pay to the bank if you would be getting the money from a financial institution. 

–    A loan from a financial institution

A loan from a financial institution comes with certain fees and an interest rate that the patient needs to pay. However, nowadays it is a rather simple procedure to get money to finance your plastic surgery this way. Most plastic surgeons already work with a certain institution and the rules are pretty straightforward. You can get a loan from your bank but also from a financial institution that is specialized in loans for plastic surgery. Make sure to check the conditions carefully before taking a loan to undergo plastic surgery and to check if you are eligible for it.

–    Doctor payment plans

Some plastic surgeons can offer different payment plans. However, keep in mind that most plastic surgeons will require the full payment in advance before performing the procedure. This is very common in the United States and in many countries of the world.

To discuss financing options for plastic surgery, you can schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon of your choice.

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