First consultation with a plastic surgeon

First consultation with a plastic surgeon

26th Sep 2017


Once you have made the decision to undergo plastic surgery, the mandatory first step is the preoperative consultation with the plastic surgeon. The success of your new endeavor is dependent on three important elements: your desires, confidence in the plastic surgeon, and information about the procedure. Here are the things you should do during your initial consultation with the plastic surgeon:

Talk about your desires and reasons

First of all, you shouldn’t be afraid to talk openly about your expectations and desires. Your plastic surgeon is a professional accustomed to all types of requests from patients. He is not there to judge you, but to help you accomplish your goals. In order to do that, he must fully understand both your motives for undergoing surgery and your wishes. Don’t hide anything from your surgeon and tell things how you see them or how you want them. Only then will the surgeon be able to offer suggestions and use his expertise to find the most suitable surgical option for your particular case.

Don’t be shy to undress

The plastic surgeon needs to have a look at your anatomy to be able to analyze what improvements might be needed or to assess the areas that need correcting. The detailed clinical examination, combined with the analysis of your desires and expectations, allows the surgeon to lay the first stone to a satisfactory post-operative result.

Don’t be shy during the consultation and don’t be in a hurry to put your clothes back on. Make it a priority to talk to your surgeon about all the issues that are bothering you. This is a good opportunity to discuss with him about possible improvements in other areas of your body that you might consider having done in one surgery or are interested in having in the future.

Nowadays is not at all uncommon to have multiple plastic surgery procedures performed in the same sitting. This is beneficial for the patient as the recovery time is reduced.

Have confidence in your plastic surgeon

Before anything else, make sure to check the professional history of the surgeon of your choice. A plastic surgeon should be a physician who has had plenty of study and experience and should be board-certified. He should also be registered with the Association of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and qualified to practice. It is never advised to choose just any doctor, even if people you know he has worked on recommend them to you. The results of plastic surgery take years to evaluate and assess properly. Just because your friend’s buttocks look great three months after the surgery doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Budget should not to be overlooked, but never choose a cheap surgeon. Opt for a plastic surgeon who offers standard rates. Prices that are too low can lead to questions about the legitimacy of the practice, nor does an expensive doctor automatically promise better results.

Make sure to thoroughly review his surgical history. Does he have experience in the procedure you are interested in? Does he have post-surgery photos of his patients? Don’t be afraid to ask this information to your surgeon during consultation. A responsible and experienced surgeon will gladly provide his medical portfolio so you have a better idea about how you will look like after surgery.

Talk about the details of the procedure

Insist that your surgeon explain the details of the entire procedure. When you undergo plastic surgery, you subject yourself to risks and complications. It is your right to be fully informed of what you will face: the technique to be used, the post-operative recovery process, possible complications, type of anesthesia, duration of the procedure, location of the scars, follow-up consultations, and monitoring. This is all of the information that your surgeon is obliged to provide. Do not hesitate to ask and probe as it is your body and health at stake.

Ask about pricing

Ask your surgeon to make a financial estimate. A responsible plastic surgeon will give a detailed quotation, with a breakdown of all the fees including the anesthetist, hospital stay, and other costs. If the surgeon cannot provide a proper estimate, you should reconsider on your choice of doctor. Plastic surgery can be expensive, so knowing exactly what to expect in terms of the financial commitment should give you peace of mind.

How to find the right plastic surgeon

Resorting to plastic surgery to improve your appearance is not a trivial matter. It is a voluntary act often dictated by a personal desire to correct an imperfection that does not have an effect on your general health. While it is not a binding act, it should not be taken lightly either.

A plastic surgery intervention is a real operation that requires pre-surgical precautions. Focus on operative care is crucial and response to treatment and potential complications must be immediate.

To be able to achieve your goals with the help of plastic surgery while also avoiding complications that can be life-threatening, you must find a plastic surgeon who will:

– Listen to your requests in a sympathetic manner;

– Take the time to explain the surgical procedure, its progress, benefits, as well as the risks;

– Refuse an intervention for a patient whose health condition or unrealistic expectations make them ineligible for surgery;

– See the patient for a second consultation if the need arises.

Find a plastic surgeon who you can trust. The first consultation with the plastic surgeon is crucial in helping you form the right decision. This is a person who you will be entrusting your wellbeing to. While recommendations from peers can give you a better idea, don’t neglect the research. It also helps if you feel comfortable with your surgeon as a healthy, communicative relationship can better ensure the success of the surgery.


When choosing a plastic surgeon, an informed and deliberate decision is crucial in determining the success of the procedure and wellbeing of the patient. There is no complete guarantee of results, but choosing a certified, experienced plastic surgeon will take you a step closer to satisfactory results and minimize the risk of complications.

The first consultation is important for you to develop a trusting relationship with your doctor. Make it a priority to select a surgeon who understands you.

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