Focusing on the benefits of breast augmentation

Focusing on the benefits of breast augmentation

13th Nov 2018

As one of the topmost requested plastic surgery procedures worldwide, breast augmentation targets women who want to redefine the appearance of their breasts. Nowadays this procedure is more than just adding volume to the breasts; it also involves remodeling the shape of the breasts accordingly to the proportions of the patient’s body. If up until a few years ago breast augmentation was perceived as a simple increase in breast size, in modern plastic surgery the concept of natural beauty and harmony of proportions is now taking the main stage.

The procedure is associated with numerous benefits, both in terms of the aesthetic appearance and the emotional condition of the patient.

Information about the breast augmentation procedure

Breast augmentation can be performed using two different methods. One uses implants to correct the size of the breasts while the other uses the patient’s own fat that is collected from different areas of the body and transferred to the breasts. The second procedure is also known as lipofilling.

Lipofilling is a procedure that involves the increase of breast volume with fat. Considered a modern plastic surgery technique, lipofilling represents a good therapeutic option and also a completely safe one due to the fact that the materials used to create the augmentation are just the patient’s own fat tissues. When using autologous fat transfer, this tissue has the capacity to integrate into the new environment perfectly and also contains stem cells that will contribute to the rejuvenation of the tissues transferred. Breast remodeling with fat transfer can be performed in several sessions by the progressive injection of the fat cells or in just one session. Fat transfer creates the premises for the gradual redefinition of the proportions of the breasts. Breast augmentation with lipofilling is considered a revolutionary technique because the results achieved are completely natural and the volume of the breasts is improved.

However, it is important to mention that nowadays the most performed method for breast augmentation is still breast implant surgery. The mammary implants redefine the shapes of the breasts by their positioning, which can be behind the mammary gland, the pectoral muscle, or in a dual plane. To achieve a harmonious body, the plastic surgeon should also work on the symmetry of the breasts if needed and also correct the position of the breasts on the chest wall.

Before the procedure is scheduled, the patient should choose the mammary implants that will be used for the augmentation. To find out what the appropriate implant type, shape, and size is, you will need to undergo specific measurements. Your plastic surgeon will also consider the characteristics of your anatomy before recommending. The quantity of glandular tissue, as well as skin elasticity, needs to be in enough quantity to fully cover each implant so its contour is less noticeable to the touch. The procedure lasts no longer than two hours, and the implants can be kept inside for ten and even twenty years if no complications occur and depending on the warranty of the producer.

Breast implants don’t come with a life guarantee. Moreover, with the natural aging process, fat atrophy process occurs. This, combined with the lack of skin elasticity, can cause breast ptosis. When breast sagginess occurs, a plastic surgery procedure to correct it should be performed.

During the initial consultation for your breast augmentation, you will discuss with the plastic surgeon the method recommended to provide you with the augmentation desired as well as all the other details about the procedure.

Benefits of breast augmentation

The shape and proportions of the breasts not only confer sensuality to a woman but also contour her perception about her own body image. A woman who thinks of herself as beautiful is more confident in her own abilities and more easily accepted in society.

While the procedure of breast enhancement certainly aims to deliver an improvement in the aesthetic department, there is no question that the benefits of the procedure can be noticed on an emotional level as well. In many cases, the improvement in the quality of the patient’s life is significant, and important changes occur after the procedure such as a better job, a new life partner, and so on.

When the woman feels good in her own skin and comfortable that she is feminine and physically attractive, a more impressive transformation can be triggered. Considering the fact that the emotional complex related to small breasts might have impacted the patient’s life since teenage years, when it disappears it is a relief in itself. Many of my patients say that after getting the breasts they have always dreamed of, they can finally smile and embrace the world and seek for new opportunities.

After the procedure, the patient often changes her clothing style as a result of a different body image. If before the surgery the focus was on hiding what was not impressive (small breasts), now the emphasis is on them.

Due to an increase in self-esteem, there are also professional benefits associated with the breast augmentation procedure, and not only for patients who are active in the entertainment industry.


When focusing on the benefits of the breast augmentation procedure, we need to discuss both the aesthetic ones and the emotional ones as they are both important. Looking good and feeling confident that you are attractive is an important step in achieving personal, professional and even social success. Women who are confident are more easily accepted by society and more willing to engage with new people and in different environments.

Getting breasts that are more proportionate to the patient’s anatomy can trigger a series of changes that can improve the patient’s life considerably in the long run. Keep in mind that you need to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to get the best results after breast augmentation.

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