Frequent sitting affects the bbl results?

Frequent sitting affects the bbl results?

22nd Mar 2018

The Brazilian butt lift is a common procedure chosen by many people if they want to get the buttocks that they have always dreamed of. This surgical intervention involves the use of fat found in other parts of the body to transfer to the buttocks. In this way, patients get a slimmer body and better-looking derrières.

Now that we know what the procedure entails, one of the instructions surgeons give their Brazilian butt lift patients is to avoid putting pressure on their buttocks. This means that the patient should avoid sitting down or lying down on the back. It can be difficult, but nevertheless imperative to your healing process. You may be required to do this for several weeks until the fat cells have fully settled in their new location.

The reason is that sitting down and lying down on the back negatively affects the fat cells that were recently transferred. The pressure brought on by this position can damage the fat cells to the extent that they don’t survive and just get reabsorbed by the body. This may result in your buttocks reverting to its original shape.

Another negative effect is that the pressure causes the fat cells to transfer to other surrounding areas. This will lead to the buttocks having a weird shape that may need another revision surgery to correct.


Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift or the BBL is a very popular procedure that many people decide to undergo when they want to improve the shape and size of their buttocks. It is a procedure that removes the excess fat from different areas of the body and transfers them to the buttocks through injection. The areas cared for after the surgery are the buttocks as well as the other liposuctioned areas.

One way of caring for the buttocks is to avoid sitting on them or giving too much pressure on them because the fat cells are still fragile during the first few days after they are injected. The pressure could lead to the fat cells being destroyed and simply reabsorbed by the body.

When the fat is injected into the buttocks, blood supply to the newly injected cells is yet to be established. It would need more or less 5 days for blood supply to be made. In that time, it is important not to put any pressure on the fat cells so as to prevent the cells from being damaged. Once they have a blood supply, the new adipose cells will act just like the other fat cells in the body in that you can apply pressure to the tissue but they will not be destroyed easily.

Frequent Sitting

It is common that patients who undergo this kind of procedure need to sit down at some point but it is recommended that one should not sit down for at least two weeks after the surgery. The recommendations of surgeons may differ, but most would recommend not sitting down on the buttocks soon after the Brazilian butt lift. This helps make sure that the fat cells are properly placed in their new location.

After the first two weeks gradual pressure can now be given to the buttocks and this is the time that you can sit down. Frequent sitting down and then standing up will help make sure that the buttocks are not subjected to excessive pressure. You can sit down for a short while at a time and instead of sitting down, you can also try kneeling or standing up with support.

Sleeping On Your Back

Similarly, it isn’t advised to sleep on your back because this also gives pressure to the buttocks. Instead, you can sleep on your stomach. Eventually, you can try sleeping on your side or lying down on your back for a short time.

When you sleep on your back, your weight isn’t only carried by your back but also your buttocks. If you really want to sleep on your back, you should wait for a couple of weeks first. This helps make sure that the fat cells have already had sufficient access to blood supply.

Effect Of Sitting Down & Sleeping On Your Back

When you sit down a lot and sleep on your back right after the Brazilian butt lift, you can be certain that the results you get would not be as expected and may become worse than what you formerly had.

As the fat cells are injected, they need time to establish a connection to the new location. When there is no blood supply available for them yet, they become fragile and prone to die. When this happens, the body will just reabsorb the fat cells injected, and you would not notice any difference between your original buttocks and your surgically enhanced one.

Another effect would be the transfer of the fat cells into other areas near the injection site. Due to the pressure, the fat cells will be pushed and will disperse in other areas where there is less pressure. This can lead to unattractively shaped buttocks. Instead of the intended arrangement, the fat can move and stay in the position that is not meant for it. In cases like this, there may be a need to perform another corrective surgery.


The Brazilian butt lift procedure is a common procedure selected by those who want to improve their buttocks. This procedure will transfer the fat from other areas of the body to the buttocks. In this way, a curvier body is achieved.

One of the things surgeons instruct their patients after the Brazilian butt lift is to avoid sitting down or lying on their back because these will only put pressure on the delicate fat cells and cause them to be reabsorbed or to transfer to other areas.

Although frequent sitting down and standing up can be done, patients should wait for two weeks before they start to gradually put pressure on their buttocks. This ensures that the fat cells are already well established in their new location.

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