Gaining weight after a brazilian butt lift

Gaining weight after a brazilian butt lift

12th Mar 2018

It is not easy to get that perfect behind and the celebrities probably know this better than anyone. There is a lot of work involved, a customized workout regime, special gear perhaps, a strict and precise diet anchored on the fear that the buttock might lose volume if one misses the gym even for a few weeks. Nowadays, there are plenty of celebrities that became famous because of their big and shapely butts and a lot of women from all around the world are dying to hear their secret, while men can’t literally stop looking at them.

There’s this cultural fascination with big butts that goes back in time but this obsession has now risen to absurd prominence due to the 24/7 news cycle and social media phenomenon. The buttocks have somehow become the ultimate symbol of femininity, of a sexy, attractive woman. The bigger and rounder and firmer the buttock, the more memorable the woman is. Or at least, this is what many people tend to think nowadays. Exercise regimen, eating habits, aging, genes, and so on, affect the shape and condition of the natural buttocks. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure that can give women the butt of their dreams, so there has been a spike, if not stampede, to do one. But, what happens if the patient gains weight after the Brazilian butt lift?

Gaining weight after BBL procedure

We had patients that wanted to put on weight before the Brazilian butt lift procedure so the plastic surgeon can have more fat tissue to harvest from donor areas to transfer to the buttock. We also had patients that wanted to gain weight on purpose after the Brazilian butt lift thinking that this will further improve the results of the intervention. Others were just curious about the effects of a weight gain after the procedure was performed.

Yes, the good news is your buttock will get bigger if you put on weight after surgery. The bad news is that the other parts of your body will also gain weight, including your face. I don’t think you would like this.

Weight gain after pregnancy

The results of the Brazilian butt lift will be affected if patient gains considerable weight in the months or years following the procedure. When weight gain occurs, the patient might put on more weight at the buttocks compared to the donor areas during the liposuction procedure before fat transfer. Many people will be excited to find out that their waist might stay smaller while the buttock can go bigger after a weight gain, but this is not a guarantee. At the same time, it is very possible for this to happen and you won’t be satisfied with the new shape after weight gain.

The purpose of the Brazilian butt lift is to offer you a reshaped body with the help of liposuction and a sexier buttock with the augmentation and lifting effects provided by the fat transfer. If after the Brazilian lift you still want to put on more weight to get the buttock you have always dreamed of, then maybe you should consider a revision surgery instead of eating more to increase the volume of your butt.

There is a thing that many people do not consider when thinking about fat and this is visceral fat. The plastic surgeon can play with the subcutaneous fat localized in certain areas of your body such as the chin, upper arms, abdomen, hips and thighs, but he can’t do anything about the visceral fat (the fat that is around your organs). When gaining weight, you are not only increasing the fat tissue deposits on your abdomen, hips and buttocks, but also the layer of fat that surrounds your internal organs. This fat is extremely bad for your health, so toying with putting on weight, or losing weight for the sake of achieving some results is not a great idea if you care about your health.

If the weight gain happens as a result of a pregnancy or gradually through the years as part of the natural aging process, the results of the Brazilian butt lift won’t be impacted negatively, especially if the weight gain is not dramatic. This means that there is no need to worry about ruining the results of your Brazilian butt lift if you put on 3 kilograms during Christmas. What is really important is that you try to keep a stable weight over the years and not gain a massive amount of weight in a short period of time as this can disfigure the butt, as well as the rest of your body.


People would do anything to have the buttocks they have always wanted and sometimes this means even gaining weight. The reality is that there is no need ever to put on weight or lose weight before any plastic surgery intervention unless you do this a few years before the surgery is scheduled. Any plastic surgeon will recommend that you undergo plastic surgery after you have stabilized your weight for at least six months, or preferably, for more than one year.

If the weight gain after the Brazilian butt lift occurs accidently or gradually over the years, there is usually no need for concern as the shape of the buttocks will be maintained, in most cases.

When the weight gain is massive and happens over a short period of time, the results of the intervention can be greatly affected, as the shape of the buttocks will change along with the donor areas of the fat transfer.

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