Gaining weight after a butt augmentation with fat

Gaining weight after a butt augmentation with fat

08th Feb 2020


More and more patients nowadays are resorting to plastic surgery to correct the negative effects of weight fluctuations on the body. There is no doubt that considerable weight fluctuations are responsible for considerable alterations of the beautiful appearance of the body, starting with the face and affecting the whole body. Weight fluctuations can cause breast ptosis and skin sagginess on the arms, tummy, and thighs. Moreover, the buttocks can also lose its beautiful shape and become saggy and even smaller. There are multiple ways in which weight fluctuations affect us, and not only from a physical point of view. Studies show that even our moral and emotional condition is affected by weight gain and weight loss and how we see ourselves. 

The fat transfer procedure has been created and developed to help patients with an excess of fat in one or multiple areas of the body to get rid of this imperfection while improving another area of the body that could use more volume. Fat transfer procedures are performed nowadays on the face, hands, buttocks, breasts, and hips. Technically we can inject fat in any area of the body where there is an increased chance for the grafted fat to survive. 

Butt augmentation with fat is a very popular procedure nowadays as it delivers natural results without the potential risks and complications associated with using implants. The procedure entails the collection of fat from the midline or the thighs, processing it and then reinjecting the healthy and pure fat cells into the buttocks. The procedure is safe for the patient and delivers long-term results and a lifting effect for the buttocks, not to mention the sculpting of the area where liposuction was performed. 

However, there is one condition that your plastic surgeon will tell you about. To be able to sustain the beautiful results, the patient needs to keep a constant weight in the months and years to follow. In other words, there are no guarantees that your results will last or your buttocks will look the same, not unless you sustained the same weight you had when the procedure was performed. This is the reason why a responsible plastic surgeon will not perform butt augmentation with fat on patients who are overweight or obese and who plan to lose more weight as the results will be compromised.

Gaining weight after a butt augmentation with fat is also not a good idea as we can’t predict where and how the fat will accumulate. The areas treated with liposuction won’t be affected by a small weight gain; however, they will increase their volume if the weight gain is considerable. The butt can also become bigger if the patient is gaining weight, but not necessarily in a good way or symmetric. The recommendation is to avoid gaining weight after a butt augmentation with fat if you want to enjoy the beautiful results for longer. 


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