Getting a brazilian butt

Getting a brazilian butt

28th Mar 2019


A procedure very commonly performed and popular nowadays is the Brazilian butt lift. Getting a Brazilian butt lift is easier and safer now, and many people resort to it to enhance the appearance of their rear end. Generally speaking, the Brazilian butt lift improves the appearance of the buttocks by making it firmer and more voluptuous. Just think of the buttocks of the women from Brazil, and you will understand where the name comes from and what is the purpose of the procedure.


The procedure is commonly requested by women, and to be eligible to undergo it, the patient should have an excess of fat tissue on other areas of the body. You might wonder why excess fat is needed for people with a normal weight. This is because the Brazilian butt lift entails fat grafting that can’t be performed unless the plastic surgeon can collect enough fat from the patient.


The main principle of the Brazilian butt lift is to extract a large enough quantity of fat, process it, and reinject it into the rear end of the patient. This means the procedure starts with the liposuction of the donor areas. Tumescent liposuction is often preferred for the Brazilian butt lift as it is a method that preserves the fat cells collected and keeps them intact. However, the fat collected needs to be processed and purified because aside from the healthy fat cells that we need, there will also be blood, other fluids, and damaged fat cells in the mix.


The last stage of the procedure entails the transfer of the healthy fat cells to the buttocks. An experienced plastic surgeon will know how to inject the fat in layers at different depths and in multiple areas of the buttocks as to create a nice shape and ensure the survival of the majority of the fat cells injected. It is normal for a percentage of the fat injected to be reabsorbed by the body after the procedure. In a successful procedure, this percentage is no bigger than 30 to 40%. To avoid the death of the fat cells transferred, the patient needs to avoid sitting on the buttocks for a minimum three weeks after the procedure. Moreover, wearing compression garments will also help reduce the edema that can occur during the first stages of the recovery period.


The biggest advantage of the Brazilian butt lift is that it is possible to reduce the thickness of the adipose layer in one area only to add more volume to another. Patients can end up with a nice butt and a flat stomach if the fat has been removed from this area. This makes it possible to reshape the body since one gets rid of a complex to obtain an asset.


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