Getting a butt augmentation abroad

Getting a butt augmentation abroad

09th Jan 2018

Buttock augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the United States and in Europe. Women who feel their butts are flatter, smaller, poorly shaped, underdeveloped, or saggy often decide to go under the knife. Buttock augmentation not only enhances the derriere but also gives you an overall enhanced profile. The surgery can increase the size of your butt, reinforcing and emphasizing your femininity, fertility, and sexiness. As a result, you will experience a boost in your self-esteem and productivity.

Since buttock augmentation is not for celebrities only, many ordinary women are seeking the procedure to augment their behinds. Given the rising demand for buttock augmentation procedures, the surgery may be costly for many patients, especially ordinary women. Also, since buttock augmentation is an optional, cosmetic surgery, health insurances do not cover it. This means that the patient will have to bear the cost of the surgery personally.

The cost of buttock augmentation is a factor that is compelling many patients to seek buttock augmentation abroad. Many patients from the US go to destinations like Mexico and as far as Czech Republic, Turkey, Latvia, and Belgium to save money on their buttock augmentation surgeries. The question is: is traveling abroad for buttock augmentation really worth saving money? In this article, we’ll try to explore whether traveling abroad for buttock augmentation is a wise decision.

Why do patients go abroad for buttock augmentation?

There is no denying that patients seek buttock augmentation abroad for competitive prices. The cost is the major factor that is compelling many patients from the US and the UK to visit countries where they can enhance their bodies at lower costs. For example, many US patients visit Mexico to have buttock augmentation.

The price of buttock augmentation is relatively lower in Mexico and the flights are cheap. Furthermore, butt augmentation facilities in these popular plastic surgery destinations are decent, which means that you can get good results at a low cost. However, all is not as it seems. There are many factors you should take into account before deciding to go abroad for buttock augmentation.

Is it a good idea to seek buttock augmentation abroad?

Going abroad for buttock augmentation requires more preparation, research, vacation, and effort. Furthermore, the risks and uncertainties are higher when you seek the procedure overseas. Before setting out to get your body enhanced abroad, you must explore your options in the US first. There are ways to cover the cost of your surgery via flexible financing options offered by many plastic surgery facilities in the US. Finding and analyzing your financing options in your home country should be your priority.

Secondly, the standard of buttock augmentation surgery in the US is very high, which means that you may get good quality treatments abroad but there is no guarantee that the results will be equal to or better than what you get from a board-certified plastic surgeon in the US. Also, you will have limited options to conduct a background check on plastic surgeons abroad. In the US, you can easily verify the credentials and board certifications of plastic surgeons via the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Thirdly, you will need someone to accompany you during your treatment and recovery abroad. Remember, you will not be allowed to fly home right after the surgery. Instead, you must fully recover before flying home. The combined cost of airfare, food, and accommodation until your complete recovery should be taken into consideration. These costs often add up to surpass the cost of buttock augmentation in the US. However, many patients fail to take these factors into account.

If you still decide to go abroad for buttock augmentation, make sure to do a background research on the facility where your surgery is scheduled and the plastic surgeon who will perform the surgery. You should read reviews online, read testimonials, visit the facility beforehand, and ask a lot of questions from the doctor. Make sure that the plastic surgeon is highly experienced, skilled, and certified by the relevant boards in those countries.

According to statistics available on WhatClinic, majority of patients go to Mexico and Turkey for buttock augmentation surgery. Poland and the Czech Republic are also popular destinations for plastic surgery. While the travel cost to Mexico is reasonable, traveling as far as Turkey and Poland will make your buttock augmentation more costly. Instead, you should have your surgery in the US.

It is also important to explore your options in case your buttock augmentation abroad goes wrong. In the United States, you may take legal action against a doctor for malpractice if anything goes seriously wrong during or after your surgery. This may not be available to you in abroad. In the US, HIPAA safeguards your medical and personal information and data from being traded with other parties without your consent, and you may not necessarily enjoy this protection abroad. It is important to know the risks and your legal rights before seeking surgery abroad.

You should also take into account the travel cost back to the destination where your surgery was undertaken in case complications arise after the surgery. It is also important to find how much a corrective procedure will cost in case problems pop up right after the surgery.


Buttock augmentation is a popular surgery in the US. During the last two years, the trend has grown substantially, which has pushed up the cost. As such, many patients seek buttock augmentation at lower costs in foreign destinations. In order to get buttock augmentation abroad, you must be fully prepared and aware of what you want and why. You should first explore your options in the US before seeking your treatment abroad, because there are many facilities in the US that offer patients flexible financing options for buttock augmentation.

You should take a number of factors into account, and go for the procedure abroad only if you are certain the results will be better and the cost will be much lower. The risks, surgeon, facility, travel cost, accommodation, dining cost, legal options, and recovery period should all be taken into account.

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