Getting a feminine body shape with fat transfer

Getting a feminine body shape with fat transfer

17th Oct 2019

Getting a feminine body shape with fat transfer



We all say it is inner beauty that is really important, and this is the truth. However, until getting to the point to demonstrate her qualities and inner beauty, a woman will always be judged by her exterior appearance. This means that her weight, height, body shape, way of dressing, the appearance of her hair, nails, face… Everything will be taken into consideration when someone is making a mental image of you after being introduced. 

We are all aware of modern society pressures about the physical appearance of the individual. The modern ideal of beauty portrays a woman with large breasts and buttocks, wide hips, and a narrow waist. But all these demands for the perfect appearance can have a negative impact on our self-image and can even result in a continuous fight to get a more feminine body shape. In order to do this, some women will resort to diets while others might try different physical exercises. However, it is important to understand that while diets and exercises can certainly help, there is just one efficient method that we can use to get a more feminine body shape, and this is through plastic surgery. 

In this article, we will discuss about getting a feminine body shape with fat transfer. 


Characteristics of a feminine body shape

There are notions such as weight loss, diets, healthy eating, detox, antioxidants, that will always make us curious about what results can be achieved with them. We all want to thrive and look our best, and over the last few decades, people have started to understand how important it is to look after the body and ensure it is well taken care of. 

When thinking about the body shape of women, many are confronted with different imperfections that they would like corrected. Some women have shoulders that are much wider than the hips and make them look masculine. Other women have more fat deposited in the buttocks, hips, and thighs and is making their silhouette disproportionate with their narrow shoulders. However, a common concern for women nowadays is the fat accumulations that tend to deposit around the midline and the lack of definition of the waist. This often translates in an oval or rectangular shape of the body which is not sexy or desirable in women. 

Getting a more feminine body shape is not a matter of losing weight for most women who already are close to their ideal weight, but more likely a transfer of fat from one area of the body to the other to achieve better proportions and definition of the midline. This means that no matter how many diets you try or how long you refrain from eating carbs or fats, it is very unlikely that this will change your body shape. If you don’t have a very thin waist, this will not change if you don’t eat for three days. If you have adipose tissue on the flanks, chances are they won’t disappear so soon, not even if you start exercising. 

Over the decades and after performing numerous studies, scientists all agree that the most desirable body shape that stands for increased chances of fertility, better health, and superior cerebral capacities is the hourglass body shape. 

The ideal of beauty represented by the hourglass body shape is not new. If we look back in history, we see Elizabethan era women emphasizing their curves with the help of corsets, bustiers and other similar items. Roundness and curves have presented a certain appeal for both men and women ever since, even if for a while there was the androgynous body shape that took the front stage in women’s beauty. 

Nowadays, studies show that no more than 8% of the feminine population on earth are born with the beautiful hourglass silhouette. This means that people resort to different methods to get a more feminine body shape such as diets, massages, and physical exercises. However, it is unrealistic to expect considerable changes to occur on the silhouette overnight. And even if some patients manage to get certain results over time, not everybody can change their silhouette with the means discussed above. The only efficient method that can be used to get a more feminine body shape is plastic surgery. We are talking about procedures that entail the transfer of fat from areas where it is in excess to areas that would need more volume. These procedures are the latest development in plastic surgery and are also known under the name of hourglass procedures.


Hourglass procedures to get a feminine body shape

Hourglass procedures are named as such because they are performed with the aim of helping patients achieve a more feminine outline. 

The hourglass procedures performed nowadays are the hourglass tummy tuck and the hourglass hip procedure. The procedures aim for different things and hence follow a different surgical plan. When it comes to the hourglass tummy tuck, this is a complex plastic surgery procedure performed with the purpose of correcting the imperfections of the abdominal wall and the midline while also giving the patient a more feminine outline. The hourglass hip procedure is performed with the purpose of adding more volume to the hips to make the silhouette more alluring.

The hourglass tummy tuck can take up to four hours or more, depending on the characteristics of the patient such as how much excess of skin is present on the inferior part of the tummy and how much fat can be extracted from the flanks and the abdominal wall with the help of liposuction. Generally speaking, the procedure should be performed only on patients with no contraindications to plastic surgery, in good health and emotional condition, and with realistic expectations from the surgery. 

When the hourglass tummy tuck is performed, the plastic surgeon will start by performing liposuction in areas with an excess of fat. After this stage is completed, the fat collected will be purified for use later on during the fat transfer stage of the procedure. After liposuction, the plastic surgeon will perform the tummy tuck and make incisions on the lower part of the tummy to eliminate the excess of skin and fat tissue there. If the patient is confronted with other imperfections of the abdominal wall such as diastasis recti or umbilical hernia, the plastic surgeon will make sure to correct them too before moving on to the final step of the procedure, which is fat transfer to the hips. The fat that was purified before is now injected into the hips with the help of special syringes. After the procedure, the patient needs to follow a strict post-op routine, not sleep on the tummy or the sides of the body for a minimum of two to three weeks, and wear the compression garments as per the doctor’s recommendations.

When the hourglass hip procedure is performed, the surgical plan is similar to the one followed for the hourglass tummy tuck, but the plastic surgeon won’t perform the tummy tuck, just liposuction and fat transfer to the hips. In other words, the plastic surgeon will start the procedure by addressing the midline with liposuction. Once the flanks and the abdominal wall have been sculpted and their dimensions have been reduced, the plastic surgeon can transfer the fat to the hips immediately, but not before purifying the fat that is to be grafted into the hips. The recovery period after fat transfer to the hips is shorter than in the case of the hourglass tummy tuck; however, patients are also advised to wear the compression garments, not sleep on the sides, and avoid smoking at all costs for a minimum of three weeks post-op.

To be eligible for any of the fat transfer procedures that aim to give you a more feminine body shape, you need to have an excess of fat in one or multiple areas of the body. 



There is no doubt about the fact that the hourglass silhouette is the most desired body shape for women. It entails having curves in all the right places and a great waist-to-hip ratio. The main characteristics of the hourglass body shape are the similar dimensions of the hips and shoulders and a much smaller waist. However, it can be very difficult and close to impossible to change body shape with diets and physical exercises. In some cases, it can even be difficult for the plastic surgeon to help you get a more feminine body, but plastic surgery, especially fat transfer procedures, are the most reliable methods in achieving your aesthetic dreams. 

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