Getting bigger breasts to succeed in the entertainment industry

Getting bigger breasts to succeed in the entertainment industry

20th Mar 2020

Getting bigger breasts to succeed in the entertainment industry


There is no question about the fact that most people consider full, round, big breasts to be alluring and sexy. Let’s not forget how we all fell in love with Pamela Anderson and her red swimsuit in Baywatch. Nowadays, just like back then, big breasts are often preferred when it comes to women in the entertainment industry. 

Some celebrities even came forward and discussed their decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery and how this affected their personal and professional life. Some were happy with the results and mentioned about life changing for the better while others end up regretting their decision years after.

Undergoing a breast augmentation procedure will change your overall body and not just the breasts. It will affect your life in more ways than one and can have an impact on your emotional wellbeing. When the procedure is performed to help the patient get a more harmonious body and get rid of an emotional complex associated with small breasts, patients are usually excited with the results and happy to show off their new breasts. However, when the procedure is performed at the pressure of the manager or because the patient thinks it needs to be done to bring in more contracts, the results can end up being less than satisfactory, even if they are okay by industry standards.

When it comes to plastic surgery performed to improve different features of the body such as the breasts, I always advise my patients to think long-term and make a list of pros and cons. Patients who don’t really want to have the procedure done for them will have little things on the pro side. This can bring light and clarity and can help some patients avoid undergoing surgery and regretting it later.

It is true that big breasts are sexy and alluring and a symbol of femininity, but there are plenty of women in the entertainment industry who have managed to become great successes even despite this. When making the decision to undergo plastic surgery for the sake of your career, it is important to do this to make you feel better, not to make more money or be more famous. The reality is that getting bigger breasts is nothing more than what the name suggests: increasing the volume of the breasts. If this comes associated with an improved self-image and a boost of self-esteem, it can have positive impacts on other areas of your life too, including your career. However, if you get breast implants and are not happy with your decision and you feel that it is not representing who you are, this might end up affecting you in more negative ways than positive ones.

It is important to consider plastic surgery as a tool that can help you improve your physical appearance, but what you do after the procedure is entirely up to you.


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