Getting enough rest after a brazilian butt lift

Getting enough rest after a brazilian butt lift

01st Oct 2019


The Brazilian butt lift is the procedure developed to help women from all over the world get buttocks that are bigger, perkier and sexier. The procedure is performed with fat transfer, and it entails small incisions positioned on the donor areas and the rear end of the patient. The eligibility is assessed by the plastic surgeon during a pre-operative consultation when measurements are performed as well as a medical examination. The patient is also asked to discuss about medical history, current health condition, and goals and expectations from the procedure. The Brazilian butt lift doesn’t deliver results that are comparable to the ones achieved with butt implant surgery. However, the improvement in the appearance of the buttocks is visible and impressive when the procedure is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon well-versed in performing the Brazilian butt lift. 

While the procedure can be performed in a matter of hours, it is followed by a recovery period of about two weeks. During the recovery period, there is a demand for the patient to follow strict post-operative instructions to ensure the procedure is a success. When it comes to the Brazilian butt lift, the post-operative period is just as important as the operation proper. During the post-operative period, the patient needs to avoid smoking, sleeping, or sitting on the buttocks and it is also mandatory to wear compression garments. Aside from this, a balanced diet and getting enough rest after a Brazilian butt lift are keys to a successful procedure and satisfactory results. 

Just like any other plastic surgery procedure, the Brazilian butt lift is associated with potential risks and complications that can occur in the first days, weeks, and months following the procedure. To minimize the risks and increase the chances of getting spectacular results, patients must play by the rules we mentioned above.

Getting enough rest after a Brazilian butt lift is important from several points of view. First, the body needs rest to recover from the trauma that occurred during the surgery. While the procedure is not overly invasive, it is still a surgery that is often performed with the use of general anesthesia. Patients getting a general anesthetic need a few days to eliminate the substances from their system completely. During this time, rest is highly recommended, as well as drinking plenty of water. Getting active too soon after the Brazilian butt lift is not a guarantee of a shorter recovery period. Moreover, it can trigger the exact opposite such as delayed healing. 

For the first few days post-op, the recommendation is to rest pretty much all day with short walks around the room or the house every couple of hours. Four to five walks per day are recommended during the first two or three days after the procedure and the duration should increase gradually. The resting period will also decrease gradually over the first week post-op. 

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