Getting perky and firm breasts

Getting perky and firm breasts

22nd Feb 2019

The breast lift (or mastopexy as it is known in the medical world) is a plastic surgery procedure that remodels the breasts by removing the excess skin envelope of the breasts and repositioning the mammary gland and areola to achieve a youthful, firm, and perky appearance of the breasts.

The volume of the breasts is not modified during the breast lift. The only thing the plastic surgeon will do is to redistribute the mammary gland towards an optimal position on the thorax, so the proportions and the symmetry of the bust are reestablished or improved. Enlarged mammary areolas that are positioned towards the lower pole of the breasts will be corrected to be more in harmony with the new appearance of the breasts.

Before getting help from plastic surgery to get perky and firm breasts, many women try other different methods to improve the consistency of the breasts. If you look online, you will find plenty of physical exercises that are meant to help you correct breast ptosis. Do you think physical exercises can help with getting perky breasts? It would be rather magical, if only it were possible. Unfortunately, it is not.

Why not? Well, first let’s have a look at how exercises work to improve the appearance of the body. When we do physical exercises or sports, certain muscles are put into action, and this results in toned muscles. Moreover, the fat tissue can be reduced due to fat burning that happens when we exercise. So what type of physical exercises could you do for perky breasts? Working out the chest muscles or the pectoral muscles will only tone them, but this will not have any effect on the skin envelope that is saggy on the breasts.

Getting perky and firm breasts can’t be done with physical exercises. The only way to do this is with plastic surgery. When the breast lift is performed to correct breast ptosis and make the breasts perky and firm again, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin from the breasts, reduce the size of the areola and re-center the mammary gland tissue. The plastic surgeon will create like an internal bra that will support the breasts to make them naturally perkier and firmer.

Keep in mind that the results of the breast lift are subject to the factors that initially triggered the breast ptosis. This means that the breasts, even after surgery, will be affected by gravity, the passing of time, and weight fluctuations. The recommendation is to get the procedure performed when you have no desire to get pregnant again as the chances that occur in the body during pregnancy can alter the results achieved with the breast lift.

Getting perky and firm breasts can literally happen overnight nowadays with the help of plastic surgery, namely mastopexy.

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